Ghost or Spirits or Imagination


I used to watch the big movie called Ghost Busters when it was popular, did you watch it also? It is cute and I loved the big Marshmallow Man.

With working in so many Nursing Homes throughout my years, I have heard numerous stories about ghosts and spirits remaining behind. I never heard of any stories where the spirit or ghost was out to scare people.

Many times I heard that spirits left something behind to warn staff of another soul getting ready to go to heaven. I do remember very well two things about one place I worked. It was a huge nursing home and very old.

In fact, the owners of the building are buried outside on the front lawn under a huge monument in their honor. But inside the building, were many wings. There is a tunnel going under ground that  used to be part of the original building. You can still see the undisturbed torches still hanging on the walls as you walk through.

When I worked there the tunnel led you to the laundry area. But to get there you had to pass the newly added church and bank for the residents. One time when I was going through here I was scared out of my pants.

I always worked third shifts at most places and of course if anything is going to happen third shift would be the one it would happen on. It was quiet in the tunnel. The only lights that were lit were the new electrical lights in the hallway.

As I passed the church, out of no where the giant organ began to play. I am not sure but I may have dribbled a little on myself, and I learned that when I am scared stiff I freeze in spot.organ

Somehow I unfroze my legs and scurried like a scared mouse to the laundry room. When I returned to my work floor I told the other aides about what had happened and they had a good laugh on me as they had also experienced this.

The other strange thing that happened was the smell of Cherry Tobacco. There was once a long-term gentleman who had resided there that smoked a pipe always filled with Cherry Tobacco. After he passed a way he would return. We always knew it as the strong odor of his pipe filled one particular room very heavily.

Within 24 hours the resident in that room passed a way. The story was that when ever you smelled the sweet smell of cherry, that resident would pass. I do know that this always seemed true, but was it? Or was it our own imaginations?

Now that Al has moved through his illness and is advancing thoughts of heaven, we hear strange things in our home. I found a blue feather in my bathroom one day last week. I know as well as I am sitting here, we have no birds in our house.

The baby monitor will pick up strange noises from Al’s room. Sometimes they are squelches like maybe picking up from other areas of outdoor noise. Sometimes I think I hear an actual voice like last week when something or someone said the word hush.

Other days I will hear nothing at all and then it will be very active for a couple of days. I have seen one pattern. When Al is having a really rough day with pain or the thoughts of why he can’t go to heaven yet, the noises sound once again.

Al swears it is Mom and I do remember also my daughter telling me sometimes that Mom was near her as she could smell her sweet perfume. Mom loved one perfume by Avon called Timeless.

If you have never smelled it before, in my opinion it is a very sweet smell. My daughter is never scared by this as she loved my Mom very much and I believe it brought her comfort. I have never had this experience with Mom, but the necklace I wore while I cared for our Dad, did appear in my hand, laid out nice and straight, during the middle of the night.

It didn’t scare me. I wondered how it got there but without thinking I knew it was some kind of sign from Dad and I just put it back on around my neck.

My question is this; are there spirits or ghost? Is our desire to see our past loved ones so strong that we visualize what isn’t there? If this is true, how did the necklace get out of the jewelry box and into my hand during the night? Is my daughter really smelling Mom’s perfume? Or does she miss her so much that she was imagined this?

What about Al? He tells me off and on that he speaks to Mom. He has told me that Mom tells him that she is saving a spot for him. One time when Al and I lived here in Indiana still, Al told me that he wanted to go to the cemetery to visit Mom.

I took him there. Now there is one thing I know that Al doesn’t. He has a spot reserved for him on the right side of Mom’s grave. Al doesn’t even know any of this. As we were standing in front of Mom and Dad paying our respects it is very quiet.

All of a sudden, Al looks at me and said, “Mom is patting the ground telling me that this is where I will be laying one day. She said this spot is mine.” I swear the hairs on my arms stood straight up as the place that Al pointed to on the empty grassy spot was exactly where Al will be laid to rest.

So what do you think? Is any of this real? Is there anywhere in the Bible that talks about humans and spirits? I tend to believe more in spirits myself verses ghosts. But yet, I don’t know what the Bible says all about this.

If any of you have experiences you would like to share with me, please feel free. If any of you have known scriptures of this topic in the Bible, please lead me to them. I guess I am asking because I know that Al is not going to get better, unless a miracle is performed. I just want to know what is going on inside our house.

20 thoughts on “Ghost or Spirits or Imagination

  1. It does sound strange, AL is having premonitions (I think that is the word) and seems to prepare himself. It is hard to talk about death while you are alive, and about dead people, but for Al it might be good. We shouldn’t be so uptight with it as it is part of life, well end of the physical life but the beginning of something beautiful and peaceful! No pain, no wars, but peace and beauty!


  2. Other people see what we cannot see. Soon Al will be seeing the Angels. Enjoy the experience, Terry. As for the Bible, Jesus dis appear to Mary Magdalene. Ghost, I do not believe in ghost. Spirits, yes.


    • I have been told that children and mentally challenged can see what we can not as they are more innocent and or pure. I am leaning on the side that there are angels and spirits, but ghosts? I don’t really believe in them. Yes, Jesus did appear to her didn’t he……………..


  3. I thoroughly believe in spirits. In my bedroom, when I’m lay in bed the end of the bed will go down as though somebody has sat next to me. Often I’ve checked to see if it’s a pet but there are none in the room.

    The curtains another one in my room. I can close the curtains right to but if I leave the room to go to the toilet, they will be opened on return.

    My mom even remembers when I was little I went downstairs asking about the man in my room in the night.

    My theory is he doesn’t want to hurt me so I leave him be. I leave the curtains open and got a memory foam bed so it doesn’t wake me up. Although I would like to know more xXx


    • that is very interesting. I wonder if it happens to a lot of us but some of us don’t notice, where as you did. thanks for sharing this with me. Maybe you should try to find something out about your home and then you can get an idea of who might be there with you


  4. I believe the line between the spirit realm and ours are very thin Terry and as a child my “gift” was bound by my grandfather who was a priest as the time as I used to see departed ones as they have died, which was not a pretty sight most of the times and as a child I did not understand it, so I guess if he didn’t do that I would have been more crazier than today. 😀 I’ve hear that some people say that feathers like that laying around are signs of Angels and I’ve also had experiences of hearing footsteps or smelling the aroma of coffee when there was nothing in the kitchen, etc. and it also comes back to the line between our realm and theirs .. different dimensions, but will we ever know? 😀


    • I guess not for sure until we get to heaven, but I like what you said, because a lot of me believes that Mom is here. maybe because Al is calling to her so much, or maybe because he is so sick, but it is just a gut feeling of mine that she is present


      • Maybe she is hon or maybe it’s because you want her there. I have no idea. You just hang in there hon. 😀 *big hugs*


  5. As a nonchristian I have slightly different beliefs but if it helps to explain a little my opinion is a ghost has no thought process it is like a film replaying a moment over and over again whereas a spirit has a conciousness and can communicate, I believe in both and that those at either end of life young or old and those who are gravely ill can see and hear more as they are more attuned to the plane upon which these spirits exist. The real question is does it even matter what you, I or anyone else thinks? If it gives Al comfort to believe your mum is by his side then even if it were a dream is that not all that matters


    • I wanted to know more information from the Bible’s view. I do not believe in ghost, but do believe in spirits. I do believe Mom is here for Al and me. It does greatly matter to me, because I want to be able to help Al as he questions me more and more on the topic of death. Al speaks to me quite a bit about death and what he sees and feels


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  8. I want you to know that I do believe in ghosts, spirits and the like. I’ve had many situations since my mother passed where she has given me signs of being there. Some of them in strange dreams and some of them in just life experiences. She has poked me in the shoulder twice when no one was around. She played with my hair a couple of times like she used to do when I was little and the smell of her perfume is in my house contantly. I love these stories and I’m glad you are not scared. You shouldn’t be……it’s your mama.


    • wonderful comment. My daughter tells me that sometimes my mother’s perfume fills her house. I know Mom is watching over Al and me. I need her here also as this journey I am taking with my brother is hard on my heart. thank you so much. I am glad that you have had moments with your mother. it is a wonderful thing and we will always cherish these times


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