Aren’t Monday’s Just The Coolest Ever?


Rain, rain get the crap out of here. You are driving me crazy. Last night I accidentally knocked over the glass sugar shaker and shattered it into a million slivers and of course the sugar just had to go down into the stove and around the burners. This was a real nice mess to clean up.

This morning, I woke up way before I had to. I wanted to sleep but could not. Now in the late afternoon I am ready for a nap and I can not. I have to start supper.

After I decided to get up, the first thing I did was to step on some sharp kitty litter. Oh, that made me do a little jump. Darn cat, can’t you keep it together? LOL

I had to go to the grocery store plus I thought I was going to have to go pick up medications for Al. I also had an appointment with the Hospice nurse. I decided to get the groceries checked off my list. Two things I wanted could not be found. Then I spent $20.00 over what I wanted to spend.

On my way home from the grocery store it started pouring, so I got to carry the bags in with no umbrella. I also had a phone call from some people working on Al’s side. They wanted a list of Al’s medications. Sorry, I don’t carry them with me.

Once home I dried off thenย  put the groceries a way. While I am doing this, Rhino, the cat, is going crazy because I left him here all alone so he was under my feet meowing constantly for attention. When I was finished with that I realized I had forgotten the new sugar shaker jar.

Then the phone rang. It was the pharmacy letting me know I could not get Al’s medications until next week. I checked while on the phone the date she said on the calendar and realized I had called it in too early, sorry Pharmacist.

Then a package that I had expected last week did not arrive. So today with looking like a slob in real clothing the doorbell rings and a stranger is standing there with a box. She ask if I am me and I said yes. She had been on vacation so my box had been sitting at her door. Well this is good, at least I got my box. Thanks Jo.

The cat isn’t happy with five minutes of petting, he wants more, so he is still meowing.

I had bought some sweet treats fresh from the bakery for a meeting that will be held here tomorrow. I receive a phone call stating the meeting has been changed to Wednesday. I wonder if I will still have those treats here once Al gets a whiff of them. He has turned in to a real sugar lover. I may have to hide them.

It is still raining. The fair is going on but it is raining. Does that during the fair each year. Oh well, I am too afraid to ride the rides anymore. Plus I don’t really want to walk through the animal barns and sniff pig, horse and cow crap.

Well, I have to get supper going now, so my free time is over for this day.

Aren’t Mondays just the coolest ever!!!! Not!

26 thoughts on “Aren’t Monday’s Just The Coolest Ever?

  1. “Rainy Days and Monday’s always get me down…”, Now, Mondays are just another day of the week for things to go snarky…..Cheer up though, It’s almost over and then we have Tuesday…:) Glad you got the package….:)


    • a lady showed up at my door with your package, it was addressed to 75 instead of 705. She said she had been on vacation and when she got home she found it. It was nice of her to bring it to me, and I thank you very much. They will each come in very handy. big hugs!!!


  2. sorry you had a rough day. i used to look forward to monday’s. they were the beginning of a new week. that meant new opportunities. now i still like them but when not working all the days can be monday.


    • I know what you mean. Right now each day is booked with meetings for Al. Everyone that has been or is helping him are still trying to put projects together but, each day is like a Monday in some ways. Working in the home changes so many things


  3. ya know how I woke up this morning? My husband yelling “Damn it Damnitdamnit!!!” because when my husband set up our radio alarm clock, he forgot that minor detail between p.m.. and a.m. Needless to say, there was no 5:30 AM alarm and he overslept, by 2 hours. The Boomtown Rats were right when they sang “I don’t like Mondays”. Don’t worry, Tuesday is not far off now!


    • you know Stacy? I did that last week also. We had storms that knocked the electricity off twice in one night. When I reset the alarm I didn’t set the pm and I was late getting up. Tonight is almost over and a chance at a new day! hugs


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