Promise With A Kiss

Tears and hearts

They come in pairs

They can bring laughter

Or grave despair


Reflections seen through your eyes

Gives depth of your deep thoughts

I don’t have much to offer you

But my dear you can have all I got


When I saw you standing over there

I knew you were trying to hide

But it’s ok for you to show

We all have different sides


My love I promised you long ago

I would remain through thick and thin

And now my darling I see your tears

Please, don’t be shy, just let me in


Tomorrow will be a brand new day

I promise we shall get through this

Let me help you let me hold you

Let me seal my promise with a kiss.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



19 thoughts on “Promise With A Kiss

  1. If I were the muse of such beautiful words
    t’would surely melt my heart
    Your poetry is magical
    a priceless work of art

    It flows off the tongue
    so gracefully
    like the gently rolling seas
    a sparkle in the moonlight
    a whisper in the breeze

    fanciful or factual
    the sentiment is clear
    your verses are sensational
    and I’m glad you’ve shared them here 😉


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