Daily Prompt; Keep Out

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Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.

I can look at this from standing inside the circle on the perfectly centered dot. As I turn around slowly I can see people looking inside. They have their hands cupped around their eyes. Their noses are squished into the glass bubble. I can see stretched nostrils and I think that one guy way over there has a stringy booger hanging out his nose. The man standing next to him needs to trim those nose hairs.funny-gif-people-inside-bubbles

I hold the key. Each week I go to each person and get a keen look at his purpose of reading my precious blog. As all writers of blogs know, this is our domain, our pit, our space. Just not everyone is let in to see our private thoughts.

I mean, for heaven’s sakes, what if I was pissed off at my neighbor and I decided to knock her off her high horse by writing terrible, nasty, and rude things about her? What if she never forgave me? What about the next time I needed that cup of sugar? Would she slam her door in my face?silly neighbor

I see Mrs. Piggly Wiggly standing right dead smack in front of me too. She is the one with the longest and most pointed nose I ever did see. But hey, when I am short on staples in my cupboard, she always comes through.

Oh wait, over there is the President of the Bank I belong too. No, you won’t see me on the top list of Board Members. Well shucks, if the truth were known I am two months behind on that darn mortgage payment. He don’t know it but I have caller ID and I can tell when that snooty bank is trying to get in on my party line. All they ever want to do is just plain old harass me. Wonder what he is doing here? Probably trying to see if I am really speaking the truth. I have given so many reasons why I am late, I bet he just wants to see if my blog says I am really out partying it up every night of the week.funny-little-girl-president-costume

Turning more on my center point, I see my kids. Now most of the time I don’t care if they read my blog or not. I can admit it sort of hurts when only one out of three read what I write. But there is advantages to them not reading my words. Some of the time I am speaking about them. I am not kidding. I love my kids more than life itself, but gosh dang, kids can really get on an old woman’s nerves at times. Sorry kids, just consider it the fact I am going through the hot-flash change of life and tomorrow I promise I won’t feel this way.my kids when they were young

As I complete my turn in my little center of the bubble I see one last group of people. I have never met them, but by looking at their warm smiles and seeing the truth in their eyes, I can recognize this group as my friends from Blogging World. Hi there, hey there, how are you all doing? I can’t believe it? You are all here, waiting to see my next post. Ready to give me a kick in the seat when I need it. Some of you boost my morale. Others of you give me a shoulder to lean on. Hey you, I recognize those ornery dogs. I know who you are. You there, I know you without a doubt. You are wearing a Captain’s hat. I know that you have sailed the seas many times. That lady there has humor written on the front of her shirt. I know you. I read you blog post the last thing before going to bed. Hey Jo, I would know you anywhere. You and I, we have shared some laughs, tears and sorrows together haven’t we. Each of you have something unique that you share with me. I just want you to each know you are always welcome into my bubble anytime.group of friends

So in conclusion of this post I welcome everyone who has a warm heart, a soul that is true, family and friends. Welcome all to my part of the world.

Well, I guess there is only one that I would not want in my group. One who would not be welcomed and chased out with all of my might. This would be that toad. That ugly, big wart toad.toad

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Keep Out

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  2. Good read! I feel as if you put a fair bit of thought into this prompt. I passed this one over. My rationale being, that there is not a single solitary soul who I would want to keep my Blog away from. Having read yours, I think I may have to revisit this issue with more of an open mind, thanks 🙂


    • I did put some thought into it. I love writing for the prompts, it keeps my mind alert and active. I would desire that everyone reads my blog, but in reality I do not wish to be dogged by bad comments either. I don’t think none of us would enjoy that. But life gives us some bad along with lots of good, and I have had a couple of bad remarks in the past year. I try to learn something from them but the ideal world is everyone is welcome and there is no fear to write what is in our heart. hugs my friend


      • You are right, Terry. This world of ours is far from idealic as much as we would like it to be. I float around somewhere between pragmatist and naive optimist. I like to believe the best of people that most are good, kind and honest. I have to remember though, that”It takes all kinds to make a world.”


      • exactly Cliff. I don’t trust as easily as I used to. I wish I could, but motives have changed, greed is more important, stepping on others doesn’t hurt as much, so yes, I wish but I believe in reality


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