Al Hit The Jack Pot

It was a beautiful sunny day today. I decided to give it one more try with taking Al out. We went to Leesburg, Indiana to a country Antique store called, Alley Cats.

Al had been there previous times while he was in the nursing home. Staff from his now Day Program would come pick him up and take him on a weekly outing to get him out of the stale air.

I made sure he was as dry as possible and comfortable. We went right after lunch and he took the ride well. He has been in a pretty good mood the past week. Taking his pain medications on a regular basis has really helped him.

We arrived in no time at all and as soon as I took him and his wheelchair in he wanted to head back to the one section he knew sat a coca cola truck. We gazed at some items on the way back so I could get a look at things I am interested in.

We finally made it back to the truck and I died inside when I saw the asking price of it. I told him there was no way he could afford this. I explained that this was a whole lot of money. He did pretty good at accepting it but I could see the huge disappointment in his body. He head fell forward more and he lost the glow in his eyes.

We kept looking around and I didn’t bring up the topic again. When we got ready to leave I found the owner and explained Al’s illness and how much he wanted that truck. She told me she remembered Al and that he always got so excited when he saw it.

I told her of Al’s lack of monies and she made me an offer I could not refuse. I am soft but not too soft. I would have never purchased it if it weren’t that Al will pay for half of it and the idea that he has wanted it for about three months. Besides, who knows if Al will get so excited over coca cola again like he is today.

Here are some photos of what we saw in the store. There is Al’s new truck he got and the one framed painting of the girl holding the bird is what I got for my treat of just because. If you ever stop by the itty-bitty town of Leesburg, Indiana make sure to tell the owner’s of Alley Cat that Al sent you. There is one extra photo of Al petting Rhino this morning.Al with Rhino

ally cats table and chairally cat jewelryally cats roosterAlly Catsally cat coca cola truckally cat girl photo

27 thoughts on “Al Hit The Jack Pot

  1. Al looks so happy, I am so glad he got his truck! πŸ™‚
    It looks like you discovered a treasure too. That painting is lovely!

    I am so glad he is having a better time lately, it certainly makes your days a little better,


    • yes it sure does, when he is in a good mood, I am too. When he hurts, so do I. I think I follow all of his emotions to the letter T. Silly isn’t it………….


      • No, that is not silly at all! Don’t you dare put my friend down like that! You are a good and devoted sister. You are just very in touch with his every need. We should all be lucky enough to have that much love in our lives.


  2. Such a wonderful post! It is certainly easy to see why Al loved that truck, and your little girl picture is precious! What a lovely store, and I went gaga over the old drop-leaf table — but then I always like things that I have absolutely no room for, lol. It’s so wonderful to see and hear about you and Al enjoying yourselves together!


    • I am the same way Becky. Our home is so full I almost have a path for Al’s wheelchair. If I had the big mansion Victorian home I dream about, it would be full too. I never stop if I can find one ounce of space, LOL. Thanks for the great comment my friend


    • Yes it is, Al and Rhino have taken their time getting to know each other, but now they seem to be pretty good friends. They keep tabs on each other and Rhino checks on Al throughout each night


  3. Great photos from a great day … so glad about the truck for Al – even I would like that one – beautiful and so is your picture – really nice. So happy for your both – what a wonderful place and nice touch of them to give it for free and give Al a great price on the truck. There is loads a nice thoughtful people around.


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