Never Saying Goodbye

Mind is screaming

Body aching

Fingers scratching

Soul is torn

Flesh is eaten

Heart is broken

As I lay here

In my bed tonight

Alone wondering

Where you are

Who are you with

Guts wrenching

Vomit on the floor

I am aching for you

Together we always were

Then you found her face

And you walked away

Never looking back

Never saying goodbye.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


20 thoughts on “Never Saying Goodbye

    • Hi Cliff, although it is not about me, it could have been six years ago. I think some of us have been through this ourselves…………so nice to talk to you tonight


      • I have enjoyed talking with you also. 🙂 I have to go make my lunch for work tomorrow, but I just found this message and thought I would reply. You’re getting me into some bad habits here, Terry! lol! It’s loads more fun than making sandwiches though. I think you are right though. Yes, It sounds like we’ve both been through some rough patches:( You know what they say though, “That which doesn’t kill us, must surely make us stronger!”

        Great “interchatting” (a new expression I’m trying to popularize) with you too!
        Huge hugs to you Terry and to Al !:D


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