Big Mistake

My dear friends, earlier this evening I posted a poem. About 13 of you have seen it thus far. I was reading it again and saw that when I was trying to post the song, I was copying part of another post I had written. My poem no longer made any sense.

You must have thought, what drug is she on tonight? I screwed up for sure. Here is the real  poem and the way it should read. I am so sorry.

I Can See Nothing


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When  you see lips pouting

Do you think of me

If you see wisps of blonde hair

Do you remember mine

When you see  tears fall

Does it stir your heart

When you lay next to her

Am I in your mind

When the clock chimes midnight

Are you remembering when  you were here

I wanted a commitment

And this word made you shake

You ran the other direction

And I was forced to move on

Now when I look back

I can see nothing.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


13 thoughts on “Big Mistake

  1. Don’t feel bad, I just tried to post a comment here but it didn’t go through…so you may get a comment saying ‘it’s all good Terry’ appearing a few times shortly, haha. It’s a nice poem.


  2. We must be on the same drug because I enjoyed it!! 😉 It just goes to show that we should think of becoming roommates in the nut house. Hugs – with everything you are going through right now you still write beautifully.


    • I think living in a nut house together with you would be awesome! We can play games with the nurses and drive them nuts!!!!! Thanks for the nice comment


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