Daily Prompt; Dream Home

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You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.


Photographers, artists, poets: show us DREAMS.

No words needed. You can vision  my dream. If I had money to spend for me alone, this would be me, where I live, who I represent. Now the big question is, Who’s Going To Build Me This?

log-cabin-roof1log cabinlog cabin  bedroomlog cabin living roomlog_cabin_bathroomlog cabin kitchenlog cabin porchlakeside_cabins-1749Log cabin on a snow covered landscape, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA


29 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Dream Home

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  2. I’ ll get right on it, lol! As my Grandfather used to say,

    “A home is where your heart is at, and that is, wherever you hang your hat”

    Having said that though, he and my Grand Mother, designed their lovely home from the ground up, to exacting specifications.

    If ever I had that opportunity and unlimited resources, I would incorporate as much natural material as possible, very much like your dream home, Terry.
    Maybe with a little less snow 😉


    • Alright I will be waiting. LOL, I only threw the snow in because it is beautiful. Living in it is a different topic. I live in the snow belt of Indiana, I see plenty of snow


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  7. The home pictured here is every bit the home I have always longed for simply from seeing photographs. All the natural resources used in the construction, and design itself calms the heart and makes you forget that there is a lot going on in this changing and polluted world. My husband and I once stayed in a “tree house” retreat towering 30 feet from the ground and surrounded by forestry , a generous gift from our children…and that’s all it took for me to absolutely fall in love with this style of living! 🙂


    • Oh Dianne, I would have loved the tree house. Plus to get to stay over night and hear the creatures in the night air. How beautiful. If I could I would have my house, but God doesn’t want me too. Maybe he thinks I would turn my back on him thinking I had it all, I don’t know. Thanks for commenting. I loved every word. You have great, fantastic kids


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