Prayer From My Heart

My dear Lord

I come to you

To ask for

More strength

I do fine as

A caregiver

But watching

My brother

Slip a way

From me

Is more than

I can handle

You promised me

Lord that you would

Never give me

Anymore than I

Can deal with

So here I am

With tears on cheeks

On bended knee

Feeling so  lost

I need you now

I need you tomorrow

And I need

You after

Please stay with me

Don’t leave my side

Don’t let me show

Al any of

My fears and pain

Let me be strong

Give me courage

To go on

From now until

This chapter

Is over.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd

07/18/2013bended knee






23 thoughts on “Prayer From My Heart

      • Yes, you will and you can. It will not be easy – but it will be mixed feelings of relief and sorrow and sometimes there will be guilt involved.


      • I can only imagine it will be rough. I think of what you have been going through lately and I often wonder how you do it by yourself. You are a very strong woman my friend and I look up to you


  1. Amen and amen! It’s okay to let Al know you are afraid Terry, maybe he needs to know so. He just needs to know you love him no matter what. God didn’t make to be perfect, He gave us this so that we can share it, we love you and even though we can’t be there with our arms around you, we are here with tears in our eyes and our hearts hurting that we can not do more to reach out and share our strength with you. You are unbelievably strong and filled with God’s grace!


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  3. there is a lot of emotion running through you, and it’s like the steering job you have been doing for “Al”, you took the reigns and you never gave up, and now that Al is facing time out as they say, you are drained mentally, and perhaps wondering where the help is when you need it most, well, God didn’t burden you, cause he knew you were able, i reckon good things are going to happen for you, once Al is at rest, don’t loose the faith, many blessings to you both


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