I Am Learning

Life is  fragile

I am learning

To be aware

Even more

Of what I

Can lose

By one look

One word

All that I

Thought can


Into the black skies

I am learning

To appreciate

Even more

Than what I

Did before

The gifts of

Friendshipsea of waterclass reunion

The life I live

For I know

That in a

Blink of an eye

It can all

Be taken away.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


13 thoughts on “I Am Learning

  1. Powerful words, and so true!! In the blink of an eye, my wife’s brother died of a massive heart attack on this Thursday… He was only 48. He leaves a dedicated wife, and two kids, 11&8. Hold tight to your loved ones!!!


    • I cling like I am Tarzan on a vine to what ever we have remaining. It sounds sort of silly but I can’t help it. He is all I have left and I don’t want to let go, but I am working real hard at accepting what is going to come


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