Update on Al

I wanted to let you know that this morning when I got Al up he struggled. In fact he has struggled all day. It is as if his brain isn’t connecting to anything he wants to do. This includes eating, lifting his arm to his lips, standing, holding his head up. Sleeping restfully, sitting up, lifting his feet.

Although I am very thankful that we have only had to add one extra medication today, and out of what he can not do today, he could smile at me. He could eat with my help. He could drink with my help. He could stand with my help.

His attitude was very quiet most of the day. He slept quite a bit, but there was not the terrible misery that was there yesterday.

All the prayers were heard and healing of spirits were transferred right into our house and into Al’s body. God is good.

An hour before supper he wanted to listen to his audio cassettes. They were a gift to him from the minister at Hospice. He listens to one side at a time with his head hung and his eyes closed, but I know that deep inside of him he is listening.

I have to add here that with Al’s mentally challenged mind he knows that he went to church and Sunday school on Sundays. So the only day he will listen to these cassettes is on Sundays. Most of us would find that a bit odd, but I get it, because I understand how Al thinks.

He wanted to listen to Dr. Charles Stanley during supper so I turned it on. It was on the topic of trusting God. Al began to get teary-eyed a little bit. He just hates making a mess on the floor with his food. He gets so embarrassed when he can’t eat properly, that sometimes he will cry and curse his illness.

I used to tell him to stop talking like that but I don’t any longer. I let him vent and then I explain once again that the illness has no mind or brain and that Al has no reason to feel guilty for having this.

He was almost done eating and he looked at me with these big tear drops in his eyes. I asked, “what is it bud? I told you not to worry about the food on the floor. It helps my waist line getting down there and cleaning it up.”

He said, ” Mr. Stanley said that if you trust God he will always hear your prayers and answer them.”

“Yes, all we have to do is believe in him and keep him close to us.”

” Then I must not trust him enough, because he won’t get rid of this stupid sickness.”

“Well bud, you just tell God that you are tired and he will know what to do.”

I got up from the table and went to my bathroom and wiped my tears and blew my nose.helpinghand   http://youtu.be/EeeZr6uIHj4



49 thoughts on “Update on Al

  1. {{hugs}} to you and Al tonight. Let him know God only gives us a burden we can handle. There is no rhyme or reason for the hand we’re dealt. Obviously the great One believes in our tenacity to keep on going until we say we are done. My God’s arms be around you both tonight. Mine are, even though we must be States away, know you both are in my prayers.


  2. I am praying for you. God’s promises to us can sometimes be hard to receive. If we follow Christ, we know that the path to eternal life leads through the Cross. In this life, we each have a cross to bear. God’s promise, as you mention, is that it will not be too difficult to bear and that we do not bear it alone. This doesn’t make Al’s struggle less intense, but it can give him hope that in God’s good time, the pain will be wiped away. You embody Christ’s presence in your care for him and your encouraging words. Hang in there.


    • thank you. Al is really upset with God that he is still sick and not in heaven. No matter how I explain he doesn’t seem to get past the point of when he was a child and was learning about God. I keep talking to him about just letting God know his feelings and that God is listening to him. Thanks again Tony for the prayers. We really appreciate them


  3. this was a hard blog to write but your courage and bravery really impress me. May The Beloved help Al to feel his love on every day. God is within him and knows what he is suffering. In harmony and peace, Barbara


    • I don’t think Al would be here today mentally or physically if he didn’t have his faith in God. He counts on it heavily. Up until the disease affected his eyes, he read his Bible several times a day. I bought him a large print but now once again he can not read it. Now he listens to the Bible on cassette. Thanks for commenting. It is a wonderful comment, and I so appreciate the prayers


      • It brings such peace to the heart to know that when Al’s time comes, he will be with the Lord. Absent from the body–present with the Lord. He will have his new perfect body, and he will dance. He looks like the type to me to just see the Lord and dance!!!

        I pray for his comfort and your peace of mind daily. Any specific prayers you have, just feel free to let me know. It would be an honor and joy. Big hugs sent to both of you.


      • my one prayer has always remained the same through this illness. To let Al have some sort of understanding that he did nothing wrong to get this disease. He always blames himself, and he gets upset with God for not taking him home. If you can work that in to a prayer, i would appreciate it on Al’s behalf. big hugs Skye


      • Long story, but I am deeply involved with MSA and was surprised when you said that that was Al’s diagnosis (I was under the impression it was Parkinson’s but yet in my own head I was thinking that he probably had MSA).


      • well I am relieved to know you do not have it. It is a terrible disease. It is very similar to PD, but there are certain things that do not happen if you have M.S.A. This is how they discovered that he did not have PD. Maybe you can help me on the topic if you are deeply involved. I know what the doctors have told me and the researching I have done. i would appreciate any information you may have


  4. “Well bud, you just tell God that you are tired and he will know what to do.” – even if I’m not a believer – I love this sentence … so true – how wonderful said .. that’s you, Terry.


  5. I just spent a week at camp teaching about prayer; teaching campers that they have to have faith, belief, courage, seek God’s will. I had to talk about praying for things that show our heart isn’t right and praying over and over again for our daily bread even though God already knows what we need. I had to talk about accepting God’s will and God’s answers of yes, no and not yet. I know some of the campers are facing challenges that I can’t imagine a young person facing. At least one has a parent sick with cancer. We talked about “But I prayed for healing. He didn’t answer.” Quietly I just posed the question, “If she’s in heaven, is she not healed and perfect and suffering no more? Is that not an answer?” I also had a very personal example of how I did pray for healing but my own heart resisted and I only allowed God to put a band-aid on a broken leg. God bless you. Telling a loved one, “If you’re tired, it’s okay to go” is not an easy thing to do. I’ve had to do it three times … but not on the level you are experiencing.


    • thank you for understanding so well, why I had to say these words to him. It is hard because I don’t want to lose him and he is miserable at times. bless you and big hugs


  6. Hugss… i hope one day, you will publish your memoirs of what its been like so that those who are entering this process will come out of it a better person just as you have inspired me to be…



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