Cold-Hearted Miss Priss

“You know Ann, my Mother-In-Law is just one big pain in the ass”

Blah, blah, blah

” She just wants attention, so she bugs the hell out of us. She sits in that wheelchair and ask for anything she can think of. Honey can you get me my handkerchief? Honey, can you get me a cold glass of water? Honey, can you get me out of this hard chair and into something more comfortable. My tailbone is starting to hurt.”

Blah, blah, blah.

“You know Ann. She is just asking for pity. She better ask Marge to be her slave next time there is a party going on. Why, I could hardly mingle at the party. I didn’t go there to wait on someone who can turn those wheels herself.”

My brother had a doctor‘s appointment today. As usual we sat and Al slept in his chair. A woman with a matching outfit and purse plus jewelry walked in for her appointment. She was talking on her hot-pink cell phone and went on with her talk after announcing she had arrived.

I don’t consider it eavesdropping since she didn’t even lower  her voice. I was ashamed of her. A woman with her social status, speaking like this.

At one point she looked at me and gave me one of those fake smiles and then glanced at Al. Her glance stayed on him as she chattered like a Barbie Doll. I leaned over to her and asked. ” Is something on my brother’s face?”

She looked at me and said, “no honey, I don’t see anything, why?”

“Oh I just noticed you watching him so intently, I thought he had a bloody nose or something. He is here to  for an appointment also. I wouldn’t want to take him in if he looked less than presentable.”

She looked at me with that pasted smile and then went back to her conversation.

Soon the nurse came out to the lobby. She called Al’s name. I waited and Al didn’t move. The nurse called him again. Then I got up and pushed him to his room.  I mentioned to the doctor that it was very difficult to get him into doctor’s appointments on my own. I asked him if he made house calls.

He laughed like Santa Clause, “Oh no, I don’t have enough time to make house calls. I believe that went out years ago.”

” Do you know anyone who may consider my request?”


I found it odd that people can be so cold. It isn’t that I expected this doctor to actually make a house call. It is the fact that he had no compassion for our circumstances and laughed me off.snoot

The lady out in the waiting room, Miss Priss? I hope to God that when it is my turn to need help I don’t get any of her relatives as my caregiver.

23 thoughts on “Cold-Hearted Miss Priss

  1. Some doctors in urban areas or areas near medical schools still do make house calls and Medicare pays them for it. I managed to find a doctor to visit my parents a few times when they were away from their usual doctor. It was much easier than trying to find them transportation and get them to the doctor. Also this doctor specialized in working with seniors worked out well for them. You might call eldersource in your area and find out if there is indeed a doctor who is still making house calls.

    It might be hard to change doctors at this point when you have settled on one for Al, but if you want to try, there might be options available.

    I hope you are home and rested jp now. You are a hard worker in all the caring you do for Al. Have a good evening.


    • that is a good idea. I will try to locate one here or call the Senior Services, thanks so much. I am resting right now. I have about an hour then have to go change Al


  2. Haha! Go Terry!

    I love how you stand up for yourself and Al!

    I’ve just moved out of my house and are way behind on blogging. I hope you and Al are both well!

    Huge hugs Paula xxx


  3. Amen… I can remember when I worked with a group of autistic and down syndrome youth (ages 16-36). I had a miss priss ask me one day if they were all mine. I smiled and said “yes,,proudly they are all mine for the day”. She proceeded to choke on her beverage.


  4. I can’t stand those “social status” types Terry! So irritating!!!!
    Yes, where are the good old days where doctors still cared about their patients? *sigh* Now they charge you per hour and never mind the hour you have to sit and wait for them! Luckily I can avoid them like the plague. It must be so difficult for you hon. *big hugs* to you and Al. xxx


    • I personally don’t go to the doctor except for my blood work for my diabetes, or if I am dying !!!! LOL, I hate the fact that instead of praising me for the two pounds I lost, he specifies how much I lose, not for the good job I did on my blood work, but how much father I have to go. I m not perfect, I am on the plump side, I smoke and I cheat off and on, but I am still better with my numbers today than a year ago


      • We are blessed indeed Terry and believe me, even when I’m dying my hubby will have a problem getting me there. 😆

        What an insensitive doctor that is indeed! You would think they’re perfect…but well, that is what most of them believe hey? Thing is, they are NOT perfect at all. Just human like we are but because they have certain “degrees” they think they know it all. So silly!

        If you’re healthy I can’t see any problem if you’re on the plump side (like me) or that you smoke (like me) and I don’t cheat anymore. I just do what I like and love..hahahahah


      • I eat healthier than I used to and allow myself treats, that is the cheating part. I have lost almost 80 pounds through the years, but this past year I have stayed pretty much the same weight. I hate working out. i will walk if I have someone to walk with


  5. Even Mrs. Howell on “Gilligan’s Island” was nicer than that. Not everyone has the ability to love and have true affection for people like you do, unfortunately. I’ve had to read a lot to catch up with what is going on with you and Al since getting so far behind, and I am always impressed with your sensitivity and your close relationship with Al. Should I ever need total care, I can only hope that someone as kind and thoughtful as you is helping me. Hang in there, Terry — Al’s Winter of life is assured of being the very best it can be because of your unselfish devotion and love for him.


    • thank you so much Becky. I used to hooked on Gilligan’s Island. I would probably watch it today if I could find it on a channel somewhere. You are right, not everyone is meant to be caregivers, but I do expect everyone to have a heart


  6. It is sad to see the love of man wax cold; such selfishness and egotistical attitudes ! I’ve been in these situations too, but not as a caregiver ~ yet, such cold heartedness will get these nowhere Terry! You keep sowing the good and you WILL harvest a crown of glory! Big hug! Great writing !


    • I had never thought about how I was doing God’s work or getting a crown. Several have said this to me, but all I know, is I love my brother and I will do my best to keep him comfortable. Thank you for this comment. It means so much to me deep in my heart


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