Daily Prompt; The Stat Connection

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Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONNECTIONS.

This was interesting. I have never really checked this part of my blog out. I did learn what my top three post are. In order they are;






I guess the reason that these are my top posts are because they are about human lives, living on a daily basis. Life is not always easy, as most of us know.

I was brought up with fairy tales that we girls will find our prince and live happily ever after. Once I grew up and got married. The learning how to get along with a spouse came into the picture. Having babies and realizing your time is now not your own. Learning that you can love a child more than you could ever love yourself. Learning to be thankful for what is on your plate. We don’t realize and take it for granted that life goes on forever.

Our parents will always be here. Siblings will get along with each other, our kids will play with each other. They will grow up and get married and we will go to many weddings.

No one told me that death, sickness, sadness, poverty, jealousy, and hatred could all play out in our chapters of life. No one could ever convince me that I would fight with the devil about my belief and faith in God.

No one explained to me that you can’t continue to eat as an older adult the way I did when I was a teenager. That my bedtime would change from 1am to 10pm. I hadn’t heard about Arthritis, Diabetes, and aches and pains when I was growing up. I had a lot to learn, and I feel like I am learning each day forward.

Maybe the reason my posts are read by so many is because I am just a simple, plain woman and sister living my life in a small town in rural America. I have no jingles and no jangles. It is just me. The oldest of three , mother of three, Grandma of 8, and I don’t wear make-up.

I don’t use drugs unless they are legal and then you have to force them down my throat. I don’t drink. I do smoke, gosh darn it, cigarettes that is. I have a simple hair-cut and I like shorts and Tees.

There was once upon a time when I could not leave the house without each hair in place and my face on, but today, it isn’t happening. Being a caregiver requires many hard hours. Included in those hours are cooking and cleaning. Laundry and down on my knees cleaning up the kitchen floor. Scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the sinks. Changing wet beds, and wiping dirty butts. Emptying the trash, bathing and dressing. Feeding and nurturing, drying the tears, being a good listener. Being a taxi, keeping appointments, bookkeeping, finances, bill payer.

Wow, I am beat already. Is this why you read my post and follow me? Because I am just one plain Jane gal who loves people and has a heart that can feel many emotions?

It has been an honor and a gift to be able to write here at WordPress. The gift of friendship has been more than anything I could have dreamed of. Support comes in buckets, and tissues are offered for my many tears. Cards in the mail, face to face visits. Gifts sent to Al, Christmas gifts exchanged. Phone calls and emails received. How much luckier could this country girl get from the land of corn in Indiana.

Thanks everyone for being fantastic, and most of all for being my special friends.Al with Rhinomy mom and dadalvin and me

23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; The Stat Connection

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  3. Hi Terry, this is going to sound like gushing or flattery, but here is what I see.

    I believe your posts are popular because you are honest. People are drawn to your posts, because you write what is in your heart, and what is on your mind. There is no fancy packaging, no artificial additives. You are genuine and the angst, fear, love, desire, and faith, glow within your words. When you suffer, we all suffer too and when you triumph we’re here to celebrate with you. You are self-critical, but then, who isn’t? You are a loving Sister, friend and caregiver who is at once witty, wise, warm and wonderful.
    Not a bad combination!

    Aspiring bloggers would be well advised to follow your example.




    • I am so flattered I am almost speechless Cliffy. Almost but not totally because I am able to get the words out that say Thank-You So Very Much my dear friend. I think I am blushing. Big hugs


      • You are so welcome! I’m only reporting what I see. You are a true friend, nobody on wordpress, facebook, twitter or anywhere else has ever made me feel as welcomed and accepted as you have, and for that I thank, you!


      • maybe it’s the hat in your photo or maybe I see inside your heart, either way, I really think you are pretty awesome especially with blueberry stained hands. LOL just kidding my friend


  4. To correct you here: You are not just a plain woman, YOU are an amazing, strong lady with a huge heart, compassion , endless unconditioanl love, kindness and a caring heart. I could go on…… You are marvelous and we can only learn from you.
    Love you Terry! ♥


    • Ute, you and Cliff must have gotten together and wrote these comments. I don’t know how to respond to one beautiful comment and then yours comes along and I am totally speechless and very humbled. thank you for all you say and do for Al and me


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  8. Truly lovely written .. and we love you .. just because you’re the one you’re … plain or not plain, we don’t care. You’re honest in you thoughts, writing and you acting. That is really rare. So lovely to have you around me.


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  11. I read because you write from the heart, sharing your hopes, struggles, fears and happiness. Also I read because you are a dedicated sister and caretaker to al. Anyone who reads a post will be touched by your love and endless devotion to al. And secretly I want to see rhino pictures.. 😉


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