Don’t Look For The Don’t Like Button!

Today was a special day. I had two appointments but one was cancelled. This left me with plenty of free time. This was a rare day, plus the fact that Al’s dosage increase on his water pills have worked. His ankles were not swollen today. Yea! The nurse called me and said she had visited Al at his Day Program and he chatted more than ever, and he smiled a lot. I was thrilled. Too bad I didn’t learn of this until it was almost time for him to come home, but good news is good anytime.

Since I didn’t know I had a reason to party, I did errands instead. No, I didn’t go swimming.swimmer

No, I didn’t have any hot seniors

No, I went and got groceries, but first I got my hair cut.

So here is what I did. Easy to take care of. No mess, no fuss.

meme 2

25 thoughts on “Don’t Look For The Don’t Like Button!

  1. I did that about a year ago. It was at my shoulders and I finally just said “Cut it off!” Took years off me and it looks good on you as well! Younger, sassier! I really love it. Sandy


  2. I am very glad you had a good day hon and love the hairstyle. I prefer mine short as well, especially in winter when the fibro makes it so difficult to hold up the blow-dryer or hotbrush. Like you mess, no fuss. 😀


    • I just don’t have the time anymore to mess with my hair. I think it makes me look a little younger and who can’t use that? thanks for commenting. You made me feel good about myself


      • Oh, same here hon and yes, I totally agree with you. I’ve also tried the long hair style but it did make me look old and it’s way too much work.

        You are welcome hon. 😀 *hugs*


  3. Terry I didn’t know hwat you looked like before, but you certainly look great. Short hair is great I agree, no fuss, and so easy. It is lovely to see a close up picture of you, now I can imagine you when I give you a cuddle! 🙂


  4. Hey Terry,
    I love the new hairdo! It really suits you! Very practical and cooler for these warm summer months, no doubt. I am glad to hear that Al is doing well on his water pills, and in general. How are you doing? You need to take care of you as well remember?
    Keep Smiling and be gentle on all those gentlemen callers you’ll be getting with your new style. 🙂



    • Hi Cliffy, how are you doing? Are you picking fruit today? I am glad that you like my new look, although no gentlemen callers are knocking at my door. The age I am at, men want women who can live light, travel and have fun. I think that leaves me out


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