One Peek Is All You Get

I know for me, I often wonder what you look like. So many of you I hold dear to my heart and yet I see no face. A blogger, in fact, Ute, mentioned she didn’t know what I looked like before.

Since I am in a good mood today and have no shame, I shall make this post about me.

I weighed 7 pounds even. I have only seen one baby photo of me and I was blonde-haired with fat rolls. Gee, nothing much has changed in all these years, huh. I had blue eyes which obviously I still have.

I was born on April, 21, 1954 in a small town near Fort Wayne, Indiana. From what I was told I was born in the early morning, which a lot of babies are.

I don’t have many photos of me being young. I will start with my ones I have and come to today. I found some of Al too, so why not share right? Here are his photos.100_0749100_0780101_0604dscf4206HPIM0378HPIM0219Al and Rhino

me and brother101_0629101_0626HPIM0308HPIM0269?????????????????HPIM0067dscf4163

47 thoughts on “One Peek Is All You Get

    • I will never do it again, as I never think I am pretty enough to post, but today I didn’t give a hoot. Maybe tomorrow when I realize what I did, I will delete this post. lol. Thanks for taking the time to peek


  1. Terry you have a pretty face, lots of character. You remind me of one or two members of my Church Ladies Class, I rather think you would be fun to be with and probably a little bit mischievous when the mood takes. The pictures of Al are good and something to be proud off. Big hug.


    • I can be a little ornery, but don’t let the secret out of the bag!!! Me? look like others? Oh those poor people LOL, thanks for taking time to look at them


  2. My dear Terry , first of all, today I read all your posts in the right order! Second Thank you so so much for putting the pictures on from Al and yourself. I love them and you look so lovely! I truly can imagine you now when I give you a big cyberhug! And I will enjoy these as I may say you look like a wonderful cuddly person! I am so emotional at the moment and I am crying again.. Idon’t know why…. sorry…. Have a huge cuddly hug from me! with lots of love Terry β™₯ Uteβ™₯


    • go to your top of post and click on media, then click on upload. it will take you to your computer. then go to your pictures or where ever you keep them, click on the photo you want to use and then click open. it will appear in your post. hope this helps my friend


  3. You look just a s caring and kind and lovely as I thought you would from reading your blog! I got curious about your whereabouts though! We used to live in West Lafayette, Indiana, which small town outside Fort Wayne are you born in? Do you still live in Indiana?
    The most important thing, I am so impressed with what you are doing to care for your brother, and are privileged to take part it in your blog. In my prayers, both of you! Love Solveig


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