Al’s Card Update

I have had a few ask about our address and I have sent the required information. Another blogger suggested a brilliant idea. Since Al is becoming confused and forgetful, sending a small photo of yourself or who ever is sending the card would be fantastic.

I am going to get a poster board and tack up all the cards and hopefully matching picture/photos beside each card.coca-cola-women-advertising-endorser-hilda-clark

11 thoughts on “Al’s Card Update

  1. This is all good for your dear brother. May I make a suggestion. How about publishing your address and leave it to us. If you are concerned about privacy, get a P.O. Box Number for your fans. One blogger has a P.O. Box Number on his site.


    • it cost to get a P.O.Box number here. It is the privacy I am concerned about as anyone other than my friends can see it. I would be glad to give you my address if you write to me or give me your email and I will send it to you


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