#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario


birds-in-fieldOh that I may feel like I am flying.

Free as the breeze, air flowing through my lungs filling me up with new fuel.

Light as a feather of a new-born , freshly pecked out of its safe haven.

A new day, a new birth, no tears  to burden my journey.  Each thing I see is new and exciting.

I am able to move my thoughts around on my own accord. No one to soak my sponge with unclean thoughts.

My underbelly is pure as virgin snow, my wings flawless as a new angel receiving her own wings.

Today I will explore through my own keen eyes. Eyes which  have not been wiped nor smeared.

I am flying, I am flying, higher than lost balloons, higher than the tallest mountains.

Don’t try to trap me. Don’t think of a cage to watch my beauty. For I will shrivel up and turn colors of drab and grays. My soul will die and my feet will turn black. My eyes will become covered with a film that will destroy the beauty I once thought I saw.

Don’t force me to see the ugly in the world. Let me be me. Please do not tarnish my thoughts. For I am brand new, a vision in your eyes of nothing quite ever seen. Enjoy the gentle gliding, watch my span, marvel at what lays before you. Envy what you will never have but do no harm towards me. Do not try to poison me with your food of thoughts.

For I am your dreams, your desires, your wants and wishes. I will always remain within your view if only you do not try to reach out and touch me.free-write-friday-kellie-elmore


20 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

  1. Terry, this is fantastic … love – For I am your dreams, your desires, your wants and wishes. Girlfriend, you’re so talent .. said it again now.
    This is so light … just like the feather you are writing about it.


    • oh Vivi, you say the kindest things about me. You know? I am starting to believe what you are saying about me. Mom always said never let anything go to your head, and I will never do this. I just don’t see myself the same way you see me, so your words are refreshing to my soul. love you my friend


      • Terry, I’m not the only one that tells you – that you have talent … so start believe it and do something about it .. *smile – enter writing competitions .. do what ever it takes … just search on the net.


      • I read what you say, but I have been programmed to believe I am not quite good at much, but I am changing. I am slowly sinking in yours and others words. I have written my first book. I am still waiting anxiously to have it finalized in publishing. I am working on two other books


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