Daily Prompt; A to Z

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Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ORDERLY.

A tale of a lady, a sister

But whom all know as Terry

Came to be the caregiver

Doting on him giving love

Every time he felt insecure

For his life once used to be

Grieving for what he could not touch

Having the words said to him

I love you and I care

Just when he was about to give up the

King from above sent me a message

Love him he said, give him peace

Make his life better

Nurture his spirit

Open his heart to acceptance

Put all you have in this

Quest I have given unto you

Riches will not be in monies

Sailing along will be rough

The fact is I know you can do this

Unto you I have given this gift

Very few have the patience

Wise words you will speak

Xerox your heart into his

Zoos care for their own, and so you will too.lion

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; A to Z

  1. This is just so brilliant … I was playing with the thought to .. take this challenge on, but I can’t keep anything short – girlfriend, you have such a quick head. GREAT done!


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