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ladywhiteA princess, a virgin, not only her gift that had  been saved for the right person, but the heart had  been left untouched. Pain had never entered and torn the seams of her heart.

Tears never beimg shed. Skin white as snow. Brought up by loving parents who bought the daughter every thing a heart could desire.

But love can not be bought. Love can not be earned. Only love can be given.

Shared between one soul and another. Secrets tucked deeply within, spoken through eyes and touch.

Warmth from a  hand touching hand. Fingers entwined. Feet touching feet. Knees brushing softly against another.

Yes, this is what the child craved and yearned for her entire life. She was brought up in the finest schools. She wore the most expensive linens, shipped in from afar. Gold draped from the tiny dip in her neck. Light catching reflections from ear lobes.

Yet love had never been bought. The once pure heart was now open at one edge, letting feelings with no name pierce her like a needle being pricked on the finger. A chill wiggled freely down the spine, when eyes would take in  internal photos of others holding hands, stealing kisses.

Desires rose inside the body. Heat came to the surface causing blushing cheeks and a feeling of becoming faint. She wanted what she did not recognize. Her body letting her know there was more to experience that she had not yet tasted.

Graduated from school, a black limo coming to a halt in front of the magnificent cherry wood doors. The door opened and once inside the grand hall coldness set in as she looked at the walls and ceilings screaming riches.

Climbing the spiral staircase, walking familiar steps,  opening the once too familiar door, she sat at the lace draped window staring out over the hills of green. Looking down over the blue water, watching the caretaker tending the pools, her loins stirred as she took in the silken skin. Watching him take his red handkerchief out of the back pocket she could not help but notice the snug fit of the legs trapped behind the rough material. Molded of muscle running down to feet now bare to the earth, browned from the sun.

The mind could only wonder what lay beneath. Grabbing her hand fan she moved it in front of her face, wishing the beads of sweat a way. Fingers touching  lips, she got up and changed her clothes.

Walking down towards the pool, taking a seat on the lounge chair directly across from where he worked. He looked up and marveled at the beauty he saw. Feet cemented she didn’t want to leave. He tipped his hat as his job was done and it was time to move on to his next task.

Each day eyes searched the grounds in hope of seeing and feeling the tingle that was buried deep inside her. Each time they met, conversation became longer, smiles were exchanged, arms brushing arms.

One day she did not see him. Going to bed aching not knowing how to soothe the inner turmoil, she slipped her house coat and slippers on. She quietly closed her door behind her and made her way to the pool.

Dropping her covering she slid into the water, letting the coolness enter and take a way the heat. In a short time she was no longer alone. Hands reaching around her waist, reaching up and cupping a breast, the familiar heat rose once again. Passion came pouring out through her eyes and her lips. Fingers exploring, slipping under the bubbles the heat she once did not understand was put out by a flame that no amount of money could ever have purchased.

She now understood as she lay in her bed, unclothed, blankets tossed aside, she touched her lips and outlined the smile. She touched the once virgin area and her desires surfaced once again. She closed her eyes and dreamed of this meeting again, maybe the next night.

Daily Prompt; Life After Blogs

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Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.

I wasn’t one of the first ones to get the new gadget called the computer. I went quite a while before testing it out. First I started with the Web TV. I am not sure if that is still around. Then I bought a second-hand computer, which I learned on but it was very slow, due to it coming with its own set of viruses.

For me, I thought  life was more exciting without the computer. I went outside more. I enjoyed nature, and walks and went to friends houses. I went window shopping and second-hand store shopping.

Through a nasty marriage and finally a divorce I bought my very own first computer. I had it built for my preferences. But what I didn’t know was my future and how important of a play my computer would play in it.

At the time when I got my computer I didn’t spend a lot of time becoming best friends with it as I was taking care of my Dad full-time and had a 40 plus hour a week caring for other patients.

When I wasn’t working I was cleaning house or grocery shopping. One day a week you could find me at the local laundry area chatting a way to strangers waiting for the machines to do their thing.

On free moments I tinkered with my computer. After Dad died, I dug more into the computer to comfort my broken heart. I visited chat rooms which I found to be perverted and a big waste of time. I started doing research on my hobby, slavery. I learned about internet games. I had fun.

I still didn’t spend a lot of time on it. I managed to walk several days a week on one of the hand-made walking trails. I loved raking leaves and sitting by the lake. I adored watching kids play on the playground at the beach.IMG_0253IMG_0273

I loved watching kids swim and laughing. It reminded me of my own youthful days.IMG_0270IMG_0231diving boydiving

But the time came when Al got sick. I was bored with playing games online. The chat rooms I had removed and I was down to a little of this and a little of that.

When I prayed for months to feel useful God turned my computer in to a  healing machine for me. Without having to face people face to face I was able to freely express my feelings.face2face I have been on a healing path that has helped me sort out my life. Although my parents are no longer here I have been able to understand a little easier what kind of family I lived in. I understood why Mom was so tired. I understood why Al is the way he is today.

God has helped me and I have been led by God to help others. He had a perfect plan and used my life to help another soul that I have never met.

If I didn’t have my computer I may not be able to reach out so easily to those needing a shoulder to lean on. Maybe I would go back outside and walk the streets professing my love for him.

Maybe I would go to the park and swing allowing my child to rise once again. Walking could be placed back in the picture. I don’t know, but I do know that I am doing what God wants me to do. I have grown through blogging. I have been able to take the stale band-aides off and let Jesus heal the wounds.

When the time comes and my life is no longer being a caregiver, I will look to God once more for the direction of where he wants me to travel. Who knows, maybe he will lead me to your city.

Threads Or I Am Going Crazy

I have been posting on the odd things that have been happening in Al and my home. I have found two different pieces of wadded strings. I had the gold necklace cross end up in my hands during the middle of the night.

Nothing else has happened until this morning. I went to do Al’s laundry from his bed. I took my pile to the washer and dryer and sitting on top of the washer was a blue piece of something.

I picked it up. It was bright blue like the sky. The touch was something I had not felt for so many years. It was so soft. Softer than Angora. It reminded me of the days when my family got baby chicks. When you picked them up it was like picking up pieces of soft, fluffy clouds.

I laid it down on the washer, and turned to sort out the dirty clothes on the floor. I was thinking, is this another sign from  Mom? What kind of game is going on here? Am I losing my mind?

You see I have talked to my best friends. I have spoken to many bloggers on WP and the ideas are just as different as East and West. Some say yes, it could be a sign from Mom. Others say no way, yet others say maybe it is angels.

After sorting the clothes out I stood back up to look at the piece of blue yarn again and it was gone. I was a little sad I have to tell you. I went ahead and started the washer. When I was getting ready to walk a way, there lay the blue fluff again on top of the washer.

I raced into the living room to get my camera and take a photo of it again before it disappeared before my eyes. I walked back with the camera. No fluffy yarn. I searched all around the washer and dryer, on the floor, nothing. It has been two  hours now since I last laid eyes on it and it has not reappeared since.

I don’t know what to think anymore. All I know is I am not going crazy. I am seeing these things.

Saddened I can only tell you about it as I have no photo to show you. I went back in and sat at my computer and picked up my sketch pad. This is what I ended up drawing. Does this have any connection or threads connecting from the blue fluffy threads to my sketch? Maybe or maybe not. Only my inner mind knows for sure, I guess.new sketch