Daily Prompt; Life After Blogs

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Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.

I wasn’t one of the first ones to get the new gadget called the computer. I went quite a while before testing it out. First I started with the Web TV. I am not sure if that is still around. Then I bought a second-hand computer, which I learned on but it was very slow, due to it coming with its own set of viruses.

For me, I thought  life was more exciting without the computer. I went outside more. I enjoyed nature, and walks and went to friends houses. I went window shopping and second-hand store shopping.

Through a nasty marriage and finally a divorce I bought my very own first computer. I had it built for my preferences. But what I didn’t know was my future and how important of a play my computer would play in it.

At the time when I got my computer I didn’t spend a lot of time becoming best friends with it as I was taking care of my Dad full-time and had a 40 plus hour a week caring for other patients.

When I wasn’t working I was cleaning house or grocery shopping. One day a week you could find me at the local laundry area chatting a way to strangers waiting for the machines to do their thing.

On free moments I tinkered with my computer. After Dad died, I dug more into the computer to comfort my broken heart. I visited chat rooms which I found to be perverted and a big waste of time. I started doing research on my hobby, slavery. I learned about internet games. I had fun.

I still didn’t spend a lot of time on it. I managed to walk several days a week on one of the hand-made walking trails. I loved raking leaves and sitting by the lake. I adored watching kids play on the playground at the beach.IMG_0253IMG_0273

I loved watching kids swim and laughing. It reminded me of my own youthful days.IMG_0270IMG_0231diving boydiving

But the time came when Al got sick. I was bored with playing games online. The chat rooms I had removed and I was down to a little of this and a little of that.

When I prayed for months to feel useful God turned my computer in to a  healing machine for me. Without having to face people face to face I was able to freely express my feelings.face2face I have been on a healing path that has helped me sort out my life. Although my parents are no longer here I have been able to understand a little easier what kind of family I lived in. I understood why Mom was so tired. I understood why Al is the way he is today.

God has helped me and I have been led by God to help others. He had a perfect plan and used my life to help another soul that I have never met.

If I didn’t have my computer I may not be able to reach out so easily to those needing a shoulder to lean on. Maybe I would go back outside and walk the streets professing my love for him.

Maybe I would go to the park and swing allowing my child to rise once again. Walking could be placed back in the picture. I don’t know, but I do know that I am doing what God wants me to do. I have grown through blogging. I have been able to take the stale band-aides off and let Jesus heal the wounds.

When the time comes and my life is no longer being a caregiver, I will look to God once more for the direction of where he wants me to travel. Who knows, maybe he will lead me to your city.

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Life After Blogs

  1. I am a total computer freak Terry, but I still have the power to shut it off when I need to. People are the center of my life, but only if they are interesting, otherwise guess what? I shut them off as well and return to my my friend the Mac.


    • I am the same way. I know a lot of people, I talk to anyone, but I chat with just a few. If all else I can turn it off and close out the world, and enjoy being with me!


  2. Some recent events truly have me thinking about the computer and its impact on my life. It has been a blessing and a curse. I am not exactly sure how I feel anymore about it. Right now, I can barely feel at all having seen the worst side of it. I did like your insight on it, though. Something to ponder. I know that my devotional blog has truly brought me closer to the Lord through the devotions and photos. My poetry blog helps me deal with pain. In that way, the internet is a blessing. Trying to weed out lies from truth is the hard part here….it is easy to be greatly fooled and be made a fool of. Thank you, Terry, for your words.


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