Threads Or I Am Going Crazy

I have been posting on the odd things that have been happening in Al and my home. I have found two different pieces of wadded strings. I had the gold necklace cross end up in my hands during the middle of the night.

Nothing else has happened until this morning. I went to do Al’s laundry from his bed. I took my pile to the washer and dryer and sitting on top of the washer was a blue piece of something.

I picked it up. It was bright blue like the sky. The touch was something I had not felt for so many years. It was so soft. Softer than Angora. It reminded me of the days when my family got baby chicks. When you picked them up it was like picking up pieces of soft, fluffy clouds.

I laid it down on the washer, and turned to sort out the dirty clothes on the floor. I was thinking, is this another sign from  Mom? What kind of game is going on here? Am I losing my mind?

You see I have talked to my best friends. I have spoken to many bloggers on WP and the ideas are just as different as East and West. Some say yes, it could be a sign from Mom. Others say no way, yet others say maybe it is angels.

After sorting the clothes out I stood back up to look at the piece of blue yarn again and it was gone. I was a little sad I have to tell you. I went ahead and started the washer. When I was getting ready to walk a way, there lay the blue fluff again on top of the washer.

I raced into the living room to get my camera and take a photo of it again before it disappeared before my eyes. I walked back with the camera. No fluffy yarn. I searched all around the washer and dryer, on the floor, nothing. It has been two  hours now since I last laid eyes on it and it has not reappeared since.

I don’t know what to think anymore. All I know is I am not going crazy. I am seeing these things.

Saddened I can only tell you about it as I have no photo to show you. I went back in and sat at my computer and picked up my sketch pad. This is what I ended up drawing. Does this have any connection or threads connecting from the blue fluffy threads to my sketch? Maybe or maybe not. Only my inner mind knows for sure, I sketch

26 thoughts on “Threads Or I Am Going Crazy

  1. It is what you believe that counts (and no, I don’t think it is silly at all). That is what belief is about; Faith in something that can’t be proven. Feel free to believe.


  2. You know what, something that makes you think and wonder, and brings you comfort, could never be silly could it? Its a mystery and a intriguing one, as is all or lives. So much cannot be understood or appreciated by rationality alone. If you contemplate you may figure out what this means to you and that would be wonderful for you. Good luck~


    • you have a very good point Cindy. All I can determine is that Mom sewed a lot. She left lots of wadded threads like I have been finding. It does bring me comfort to know she may be around us letting us know we are not alone


  3. It’s hard to be sure about the threads and yarn, and, as far as what I think, I lean several ways on that. The sketch really caught my eye, mainly because of a couple of similarities between this sketch and another one you posted on here another time. Perhaps taking another look at the things that are similar in your sketches and why those particular things keep appearing would give some insight, idk. At any rate, the idea that God might be attempting to give you some comfort through your mom is one worth leaning toward, since that thought can only result in positive feelings.


    • I saw similarities between the sketches but then my simple mind said, well, silly it is because you drew them. What did you see Becky? I would like to think they are from God and Mom for comfort, but I don’t know if this could be real or not


      • The other picture is not in front of me (I don’t remember the name of the post to look it up), but I seem to recall the smiling lips-like thing and the eye-like thing (not sure if that’s what they are meant to be, but just describing what they kind of look like to me), both of which are also present in this sketch.
        The differences are that this sketch doesn’t seem as dark mood-wise as the other one, and instead has an almost angelic, childlike quality. I’m also not seeing the harsh lines in this one that I remember from the other one — this one has a more flowing appearance.
        My only suggestion would be to look at the frame of mind you were in when you drew the first sketch and compare it to the frame of mind you were in when you drew this one. I don’t know if that would give you any more insight, but it’s as good a place to start as any.
        I think whether God puts something in your head and you draw it, or whether He has given you the brain and your own thoughts flow out in your drawings, the message is still from God either way. He knew every thought you would have before you were born.


      • it seems that one thing I notice is there seems to be a big eye in each photo. do i think someone is watching me or watching over me? When I get the urge to sketch, I just pull out the pad and start, not knowing where it is going. I enjoy it, but have no real ideas as to what they represent. I don’t even know if it is considered art it seems so unknowing


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