Are You Drooling?

I sneak upon you

When I know you are weak

I play on your emotions

In hope you will seek

I know you think about me

Every single  night

I know you want me

So please don’t fight

In your vision  is when I come to you

You look at me with wet delight

But then you turn your head  a way

You want me my dear, you know I’m right

I offer you plenty, all you want

I give to you all my cream

You use your finger and take a lick

It is better than any dream

I think I have won, I think I can stay

You rub my rim with gentle hands

You lift me up and caress your lips

Go slow and savor the taste is cream

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


27 thoughts on “Are You Drooling?

  1. Hi Terry, I love your poem, it made me feel very hungry ! Tempting as it looks and sounds, though, I will have to pass on dessert, as I have lost 20 lbs since I started at the berry farm and am not anxious to pack it back on. 🙂


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