Sweetpack is Getting To Me

I have been on a monster, growl, pull my hair out for the past three days. I have gone to bed as late as 3am, and got up with Al at 7 just because of my unwanted guest.

You all must be wondering where is she? Well I have the answer. It is called Sweetpacks. Yes, this cute little name is a minor advertising gimmick that found its way into my computer through a toolbar update.

It doesn’t seem to be dangerous like a trojan, but, it can grow. I have tried every Malware product. I have downloaded what I thought was a great program to rid it. One program that found it, in the end was a paying one.

I finally gave in and paid for it, and then it took it a way, but it showed right back up. If anyone knows how to rid this or has heard of this little bugger, please advise me.

I just did so much crap to my computer, nothing was working, thus the ignoring of me to all of you. Hey, I didn’t do it on purpose, I really did want to chat with you and comment on your posts. I probably have missed out on some great stories.

I have downloaded Firefox and Yahoo all over again, and that stinking thing is back. I need help, and this time I don’t mean mental. By the way, Al has had a couple of good days. It is raining like cats and dogs out. Just the way it is when I have to take Al and me down the ramp. We both get wet. Do you know how hard it is to have both my hands on the wheelchair and still try to hold an umbrella? It doesn’t work. I tried having Al do it, but that didn’t work either.

Help me figure this out if you can!candle-animated.gif


By the way, I have heard snippets of the news this morning. Is it true they really know for sure that people discovered a piece of Jesus’s cross?


23 thoughts on “Sweetpack is Getting To Me

  1. Ahh I really wish I could help you with this, but unfortunately I’m rubbish when it comes to computers. Hope you get it sorted out soon. Love your picture of the candle by the way. 🙂


  2. Not that I’m a computer aficionado, but when things on my computer would keep coming back and not let us get rid of them, I always took that as a for sure sign that they were malware. If the problem starts getting bad again and your virus protection isn’t getting rid of it, you may want to try a total system restore. It’s a hassle, but it’s worked for me a time or two when all else failed.


    • I have done that twice. I restored the computer to clear back in June but under search it still remains. I can find it in no programs or anywhere. i only see it in search


      • Well, by total system restore, that means the loathsome task of restoring the computer all the way back to factory settings and reloading everything. It involves moving all things such as photos and documents to discs and downloading all of your programs and apps again from the cds or websites you got them from after the restore is finished. If your virus program and other methods have failed to get rid of the problem, total system restore is usually the last resort before taking your computer to a professional to be fixed, so you’d want to be sure the problem is to the point that there is no other way of dealing with it. Generally if something refuses to be gotten rid of from your computer, it is usually a virus or malware, and the tedious task of restoring your computer might be worth trying before spending money to have it fixed.


      • I didn’t realize that. I just used the restore point on my computer. It tells you to pick a date you want to return to. I have never tried what you are suggesting but I may have to. Thanks for all of your help my friend


      • If you should decide to do that and have any questions, please don’t hesitate — I am by no means a computer whiz, lol, but I have had to resort to a complete system restore more than once and might be able to share some experience on that.


      • I do have questions. What do I need to put on a CD to save? Any particular programs besides photos? How do I get my computer to go back in time? My restore only goes back about two or three weeks?


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