Daily Prompt; Green-Eyed Monster

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Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREEN.

I have had times, many times in my life I was jealous of others.green_eye2

It was silly and stupid if I may be so bold with honesty.

To be jealous over someone or something another human has makes no sense.

If a marriage or relationship was torn, being jealous over the new man/woman in their life really isn’t worth it in the end. Let’s face it, who wants someone who cheats on us? What if they do it again? I am not suggesting that every relationship fails when one cheats, but it is a struggle with trust in order to heal.

To be jealous over a gorgeous person should make us instead work harder at our own self-esteem issues. Each of us is gorgeous. God made us. Would he make us any other than beautiful?

Of course we can go to the make-up counters and then look in the mirror and see a stranger. We can curl, cut, straighten and color our hair. We can exercise, workout, run, ride bikes, pay for gyms, but it won’t change your beautiful heart and soul. It will only enhance the beautiful person you already are.

I tend to get jealous of people who can wear any shoes they desire. They can go to Wal-Mart and pick out a popular pair. I can not do this. In fact, yesterday I spent some time at the pharmacy being fitted for a pair of Diabetic Shoes. They aren’t nearly as beautiful  and stylish as Macy’s shoes, but my feet don’t suffer in them. They are free to breathe and be in less pain.

It is my fault that I have to wear these shoes. I have been a Diabetic for 32 years. Instead of being jealous of what others have, I should be thankful I can still walk. I can still stand, and on the down side I could have turned a way so many of those foods I should not have eaten. So shame on me. Maybe I would have had bad feet in the end, but maybe I could have delayed it with better care of my own body.

I wouldn’t say that I get jealous of other people’s homes, but I do wish I owned that log cabin or big old Victorian home. The way I get through these petty issues is tell myself, if God wanted me to have that home, I would have it. Or, look at the cleaning I would constantly be doing in the big old Victorian home. I would have to hire housekeeping staff.

We, in general all have a tiny side to us that believe others have it better or are luckier than us. But in the end, we are exactly who God wants us to be, we are in the perfect position and moment God wishes us to be so we can learn and rely on his never-ending love.

In all I have no real reason to be jealous of anyone. I have a roof over my head. My bills are paid. There is food on the table. My brother is here, and God loves me, just the way I am. How could life be any better.

Cat Naps and the Three Stooges

I don’t know what has been wrong with me this week, but I have been dragging but all week. I am so tired that I feel it would take me a week to catch up and fee re-energized.drag

Yesterday I met with the Hospice nurse to check on Al. I was shocked but happy that he was in an awesome mood. He was cutting up, cracking jokes and laughing.

Who was this person I thought? I like it, no I love it. He seems to be in better spirits at Day Program. I asked the nurse why he doesn’t act this way when he is home and she stated, “he is probably tired by the end of the late afternoon.”

This made sense to me. His teacher says he cat naps during the day off and on.cat nap 1 He transports to Day Program to and from in his regular wheelchair. In the beginning he used to come home complaining of side and back pains. His feet were so swollen from hanging down all day that Hospice got him a new wheelchair just for his Day Program. He can be in several different positions and he can get his feet up and also nap in it. Below is a picture of what  it looks like and he doesn’t complain nearly as much. He still has pains from being up so he gets regular doses of medications. He is now much calmer and happier.

Last night he came home pretty good-humored, but as the time went by he became more disoriented. He wanted to nap after supper. His nap consisted of five hours. I tried to wake him up to change his brief and give him his medications.

He didn’t want to get out of bed so I did everything from him lying down but raised the bed so he could take his medications and eat his night snack. After wards he watched TV and then of course that made me have to stay up later.

Neither of us got that much sleep, well I should say I got less because I didn’t nap.

This morning I went in to get him up and he was just placing his feet on the floor. Once again I explained that his body couldn’t hold his weight to stand and he must never do that again.

He cried instantly and this time I didn’t feel as bad. I know that even though Al’s short-term memory is fading, I still have to be responsible and at least continue to que him on what he is able to do.

His tremors were terrible this morning, in fact, they have been bad all week. I ended up feeding him his breakfast. It has been a rough start this morning but hopefully him watching The Three Stooges, he will return to some of who he has always been.Three-Stooges2

I hope that when he takes his real nap, laying in bed nap, that although there are always things to do here at home, I am going to nap also.

I want to thank Natalie H. for sending a card to Al. He enjoyed it. I read it to him and he smiled. He and I appreciated what you did for him Natalie.

If anyone wants to send Al an inspirational or cute card, please email me at


for his address.