Picture it & Write/ Ermilia


sunset-jarIt’s where I wish I was

Right now, for I feel

Trapped within my own

Jar of life

The lid tightened

The colors foggy

Pressing against

The glass no one

Sees me as my

Reflection bounces

All around me

Forcing me to

Look inside

At my own person

I cry to get out

But you don’t

See my tears

It is up to me

To turn my

Entrapment into

A release

For my soul

For my health

I stop, and listen

My mind speaks

I must be free

Once again.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


13 thoughts on “Picture it & Write/ Ermilia

  1. Love the new purple wallpaper!

    This read very powerfully for me formatted as prose:

    It’s where I wish I was right now, for I feel trapped within my own Jar of Life, the lid tightened, the colors foggy. Pressing against the glass, no one sees me as my reflection bounces all around me, forcing me to look inside at my own person. I cry to get out, but you don’t see my tears. It is up to me to turn my entrapment into a release, for my soul, for my health. I stop, and listen. My mind speaks. I must be free once again.

    I don’t know if I punctuated it correctly or not. It’s amazing that you pulled such an anguished piece out of a seemingly peaceful picture.


      • We each see things differently. When I saw the bottle, no matter how beautiful the photo I do live inside that bottle at times. Also thanks for the compliment on my wallpaper!


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