5 thoughts on “QUOTES

  1. The first story of your post reminded me of a boy I had a crish on in schoo who was hispanic. I had no idea what this meant. I only knew he pulled my braid the best of any other kid in school. A teacher made a comment taht stuck with me all my life, “Stick to you own kind!”
    I asked what was my own kind only to be scoffed at.
    Staying with me through my teen years I heard the song “Socoety’s Child” by Janis Ian the summer before my freshman year of high school. I hear it today and it brings tears to my eyes.

    I am hopeful today that with the advent of the Internet closing the distance between cultures this kind of mentality has become what we as a world are no longer.
    My hope is restored when I read about Al receiving cardsa from people he thinks don’t know him.and breaks me into a big grin knowingf he is amazed,
    Please Terry semd me Al’s address, I create hand crqafted greeting cards and would love to design one for just him in mind. Tell me a few of his favorite things please so I can maybe make it something he would know was done just for him.

    Sending you hugs today Terry, I liked thos post so much ~


    • I love that you shared a little bit of your background with me. I hope that you are right and our cultural differences are being set aside. Please email me so that I can send you Al’s address. YOu are so thoughtful to want to send him a card. My email is
      Thanks so much my friend for sharing, I loved it


      • Email sent my friend, thank you.
        I am happy my share did not feel like it ran over your post. The memory is still so strong what that particular teachers mentality was I am sill today in shock she was such a major influence on young children.
        Today as an adult I don’t hold any grudges despite the memory, I know I had no idea what her history might have been.
        It did teach me tolerance and for that I am grateful.


      • I couldn’t help but think of you when I was nominating for the I Love Your Blog Award plus one more. I hope you accept these two. Big hugs!


      • so many things happen in our lives. lessons to be learned, healing from pain, scars to cover. We choose what we want to do with each bump we stumble over. For you, you have grown and have shown others in your adult life that you are a loving and forgiving person. I am honored to have you as one of my friend. big hugs my friend


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