The New Day

All is quiet. Al is in his recliner. A few smiles have been seen tonight for the first time all weekend. He is dry and I have time to dream. I reach out and touch the stars draped over the heavy darkness against the universe.

One brightness I swore winked at me. I wrapped my fingers around it only to open my hand and find it empty.

The platform boards beneath the place I sit squeak with history, excited to be trod on once again. As I sway gently to and fro to the beat of the rhythm of the crickets I feel my soul warming to the peace surrounding me.

My heartbeat slowing down as if it was a speeding train now coming to a slow stall. Eyelids feel heavy and as I close them I can see visions. Calming waves gently brushing up against dry land. Boats purring along the waters and people wave to me, announcing their appearance.

Deep air feeling my nostrils being given to lungs in need of enrichment. Clearing out the junk that has distorted my thoughts. Smells of night air crisp and clean enhance my brain, causing the shortage of dead cells to be tossed to the skies and replaced with new emotions.

I turn around and look in my windows. Seeing the candle flickering on the table where I had last sat. Its soft glow casting shadows on the walls making me realize I am never alone. For where ever I visit and what seat I rest in, life can be good.

A new era is awaiting for me. Giving new opportunities for which I can choose to accept or delete. A new day, a new sun, a new rising. I smile dances as a ballerina upon my lips  as I sit here in peace, looking up at the stars. I give thanks for my challenges I faced today. Lessons I have learned.

I get up out of my seat and the boards stop creaking beneath me. The crickets are hushed. The world is standing still. All are holding their breath as they wait to see what I take from the new day.

26 thoughts on “The New Day

  1. Terry, so motional and deep. I feel your feeling for the open skies, the clean fresh air washing peace and tranquility into your hear and soul. If only for a moment, it is delicious!!!


  2. What a beautiful and tranquil post, Terry! And thanks so much for referencing my poem, too! I’m glad you enjoyed it that much! I look forward to reading more around here, too! Have a good weekend! Lauren


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