Two Awards

wordpress-family-awardsunshine-awardI received these two awards from Marilyn.

Her blog page is

Marilyn has touched my heart in so many ways. She lives in Kentucky and I live in Indiana.

She went way out of her way and she and her husband drove up here to see Al and of course me.

With her she brought Al many smiles and good memories. He will never ever forget her as she sent him a coca cola hat.

He will not wear it as he told me, ” I could get it dirty.”

Marilyn, thank-you for the awards and thank-you for being so kind to Al. We will never forget the meal we shared together as good friends.

I have nominated so many people over the year that I am not sure who I have shared with and who I have not.

The rules for these awards are to

Tell me 10 things about yourself that you find interesting

Nominate some good souls who you feel would love to have these on their blog profiles.

What I am going to do is leave it up to you. If you have not enjoyed either or both of these awards,  please accept them as a gift from me. Enjoy them, place them on your blog home page, and smile just a bit for me today.

Love you Marilyn and big hugs. Some day I hope to see you again.


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