Daily Prompt; Everything Changes

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Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSFORMATION.

He slept in boxes. He slept under the bridges. He slept where ever his body found comfort once the sun set.

He had once been a prosperous man residing in the hot spots of Florida. He had built shells of houses and sold them to people barely out of the danger zone of bankruptcy. His ideal goal was that he charged enough in payments that in no time at all he had gained not only the up-front cost but the house back.

He would repeat this business to one after another. His pockets heavy his checkbook fat he was living high on the hog. He had a sailing yacht. He owned two homes. One in his home town and one by the edge of the ocean.

Drink and friends could be seen anytime of the day or night. He had made millions and even had made the cover of a national magazine. But when one does things for the wrong reasons, it is almost guaranteed life will stop and come and bite you in the rear.

And this did happen. A police family under disguise portrayed the perfect family for purchasing one of his properties. A couple of weeks after entering the home the legal system had everything they required to bust the sales man.

In no time at all the savoy business man lost it all. His homes became foreclosed. His checkbook became skinny. His pockets folded inside out. Friends deserted him, drinks went dry.

As the companies came to clean out his house he sat at his dining table and wept in to his hands. Soon there was a tap on his shoulder. They needed him to move as they were confiscating this table also.

Soon there was silence. Birds could be heard singing outside the windows. Children could be seen heading to school. He picked up his last luggage and opening the door stepped outside and closed the door gently behind him.

Not knowing where he was going his feet stepped one in front of the other. By nightfall nothing had changed and he had a taste of his first real home in a box. He had earned it. It was fully his, and it was paid for.

Sleep came with difficulty. He laid in his blanket-made bed and watched others standing over canisters of heat. Warming their fingers as fall was beginning to enter. As his eyes closed he was having visions of the people he had frauded. All night, each night haunting dreams of people holding their arms out, begging for mercy. Asking for their doors to be once again opened.

In the mornings he rubbed his eyes as tears had filled the pockets and grief over took him. Each morning he walked and hunted for food like a caveman looking for his family. Walking the streets, the only visitors were his own shadows in store front windows, he was lonely, down and out.

The first snow had fallen and he had rummaged through a dumpster and found a ragged blanket. Pulling the cover closer to his nose, he began to weep. He looked towards the heavens and pleaded for forgiveness. He admitted he was wrong. He needed to have one more chance to prove that he was worthy of living.

The next morning he was walking his routine streets and he saw a folded piece of paper. He looked around to see if someone had just dropped it. Seeing no one reaching for it, he leaned down, weary and tired, bloodshot eyes and picked it up.

Fingers fumbled as he walked over to the metal sidewalk bench and sat down. He opened it up and saw one simple sentence. Very few words but with great meaning. He looked up to the skies and the first genuine smile crossed his face. He looked down once again to read the words, you have been forgiven.poor man

31 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Everything Changes

    • well you aren’t going to agree with my answer, but since I tell the truth. The key to the story was when he looked up to the heavens and pleaded forgiveness. I believe that when you go to God in sincerity he wipes your sins a way. He was not forgiven. He suffered living on the streets, scrounging for food. He paid his price to himself and he learned from this


      • Terry, I’m not going to disagree with your answer … but I couldn’t understand what his sins were ?????
        Was it because he was successful ????


      • he took advantage of the poor people who were buying new homes. He made the payments so high most of the people lost their homes and he got them back and then resold them


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  2. Quite a story there ….. makes me think about so many things. Same basic pattern, different situations. Wonder why should he be forgiven?? An eye for an eye? But to what effect? To what benefit? I think basically for a degree of closure and vengeance, maybe …. still, he’s worse off and paying a huge price!! Down to nothing ….

    Reblog: http://hrexach.wordpress.com/


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  4. Hi,

    I’ve just had the fortune of being awarded the Liebster Award along with a few other awards and as part of the protocol I’ve nominated/awarded 10 other blogs as well.

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    Thank you for putting together such a great blog that interests and inspires.

    Wishing you the Best
    Saritha 🙂


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  6. Terry, your story was moving and inspiring to say the least. Like you said, his forgiveness came after his decorous cry for help from a superior point of origin… consciously taking himself off the highest rank of authority scale. I wish everyone would think in this way when it’s obvious that they are the demons seed destroying lives for profit. And especially come to realize (they need help) when they do such deceiving things that deadens the heart of others! This tells me that being “riddled with guilt” pays off for some, making a proud man come to realize his ill ways have come back to haunt him, and, hopefully, will justify his conniving thievery by he becoming an upstanding citizen with a heart full of giving when it’s all said and done. The journey to virtue should never be this dark, long, and deceptive to learn and earn the profits of being a good person. I just can’t figure out what compels people to behave like this.

    I have known people who went to their grave as the seed of the devil, never having felt remorseful or guilt for the life they led. For those who have no conscience… they are destined for hell. Unfortunately, in my life, I have come across several people like this man, and these people have left me a skeptic, having little to no faith in certain others. And in my case, this would be the very ones who profess their belief in Christ… a little too often, and, especially, when they are trying to get from me what they can. I was swept into this pit of disappointment only to pull myself out hardened and bitter. I am a forgiving person…but forgetting is very hard to do when you continue on the path I do.


    • Some of the best people I have known have been the ones who started out as rotten tomatoes on the vine. They fell hard, they learned, and they grew. Their hearts blossomed, their hands reach out to others in need. I also have known some that have taken their filth to their grave and never blinked an eye and are probably sitting across from the Devil now playing a good card game of Hell. I appreciate your comment. I love that you understood every single word I wrote. Most of all you saw the lesson in my post. As I said before you are pretty special!


  7. I know there are people just like this, you read about all the greed and underhanded dealings all to often on the evening news.
    This is a wonderful tale of morality and in the end forgiveness from the highest office.

    I read this, half expecting the piece of paper to be a winning lotto ticket, that was expired or something, your ending was sooooooo much better!


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