Not A Big Blog, Just A Note

Because of Al‘s illness and how it causes little bad changes each week, his medications have been increased. For the first time in three days I saw a little bit of my true brother back this morning.

This was taken as I was getting ready to take him to his bus.

This isn’t a thinking or scolding or anything blog. It is just to let you see Al when things are better.Al in the morning

42 thoughts on “Not A Big Blog, Just A Note

    • thanks Vivi, I love it when he has a good day. I think he has put on some weight being home. Not sure yet, the day program is supposed to weight him. He should not really gain because of his heart but yet food is one of his enjoyments left in life, so I don’t say anything


      • Fantastic news …. *smile – I sure that coming home has made massive changes to his quality of life and he looks so great on that photo. And it seems to work out fine for you too … witch I was worried about – that you should take too much on.
        Good days, we want … more of.
        You have to visit my posts today … and see a photo of me as a young girl. I have written about one of biggest romances.


      • Thanks … I thought it was strange that you haven’t visit my last posts .. especially the one about my meet with Andy Williams, that you like so much.
        Your have to check your settings, they can change without any reason. Happens to me all the time.


  1. Terry, That is a wonderful photo of Al! I am glad you get some serenity from time to time. By the way it says I am following you, but I have yet to get an email alert from you yet. I have to navigate to your site to see whats new. When I have a spare moment in my crazy day, that is.
    Big Hugs,



    • Hi Cliffy, I was just doing that at another friends blog. I am not getting her email alerts and her blog says I am following her. I am not sure what is going on. I did get your email alert for this post. Al looked good today. I love the times when he is having those good days!!! Hope you are doing alright my friend.


      • Make sure the mail system didn’t place it in your junk/spam file. If this is what happened, simply click the appropriate mail, and then the button that is worded something like “Not Junk” or “Not Spam”. Other than that, try unfollowing, and then re-following. (I’m guessing that you know the “Follow” button on the top left of the bar only follows in the Reader, the email follow is a separate button, usually.

        Peace! Tell Al I’m making a ‘heart’ to him as it looks like he is making! 😀 Beth


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