Amazing Grace

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. Oh my God you picked me. A weak statue fumbling through thick forest here on earth. You chose to love me. Me Lord, for all that I am not.

As tears whip through the branches of my life, I can not even begin to thank-you my dear God for still walking beside me. You reach down and lift me up. You bring comfort to my weary soul.

You found me under a bushel of tangled webs. You saw my burning soul crying out to you Lord. I saw tears in your eyes as you heard me calling out to you. You know each and every one of my sins Lord, and yet you say you forgive me.

As I sit here professing my undying love for you a smile comes over your face. As I humbly lower my head, reaching out to kiss your feet, you let me know I am safe. You tell me the wolves will walk by me and leave me untouched, although they hunger.

Amazing grace my Lord. This is what I am offered as long as I continue to follow you. Miracles I shall see. Creatures I shall feed. Naked I shall clothe. What I have I will share. What ever it takes dear Lord, I will do it so that I may show honor to you God. You are the almighty one.

You gave up your life for me. You let them pound nails into your flesh. You bled for me. You are so great and I am so little and yet you provide me with love and amazing grace.



25 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. Terry, have you seen the film with the same name do it .. the story about the song – it was written by a British captain that sailed slaves from Africa to USA .. first stop Bristol, UK. After a while he couldn’t take it anymore .. and became a priest and he wrote the song about his guilt over what he had done .. transporting those people under such terrible conditions. The film has the same name. It is about how England stopped the slave traffic. John Newton was his name.
    I just love the song … you have done this beautifully.


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