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Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us USEFUL.

There is one thing I do not discuss with others usually and that is politics. But for this I will make a  huge sacrifice. The big news on the front pages of well-read newspapers is, I don’t do politics.newspaper

You know I am not going to come out and  point any fingers. Instead I will relate back to the days when I was young and learning the old talent of lying. My grandma always said, ” your nose will grow long if you lie.”

I believed that for years.liar I must admit I am amazed today that there aren’t some who have long noses in the government.

The first thing I believe in is God.new-day.jpeg The second thing I believe in is truth. Next getting along with each other.pat Then I believe we should help each other and watch our backs. Shake hands, smile and have an inner peace of understanding knowing we are talking and living the way God wishes us to do.lion

There is slander to get one’s way. There are evil methods used to win a vote.tongue_111

I believe that good is in the minds of anyone but the game of winning can take a way our innocence. leg

The Bible says that there will be times like this, so I am not in shock to the point of fainting.

I just wish that each and every person who wants to be stood apart, looked up to, and respected would start each day, each morning with the words, thank-you Lord for one more day. Thank-you for allowing me another chance to win another soul to God. Lead me and guide me and help me to do what is right in your eyes.

Do this in the spirit of an innocent child. Open our eyes wide and be ready to smile at everyone we meet, shake a hand no matter what color. Help a hurting soul. Do all in the naked truth. Do it with vigor as you once lived life as an untouched child.  Our lives today would be better. More enriched, more love flowing, honesty would flow freely.

I have gone on too long. I think you all get my point and where I am coming from. Let’s go back and start again. See who we saw when we were six and seven years old. Let freedom ring by the truth being told.girl-praying

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; P.C.

  1. Terry, I don’t politics neither, but I have a very loud opinion on them all.
    Really like you’re choice of images …. like that you have added more of them – because it breaks up the reading.
    The snake is just right in all this .. they are snakes all of them and I think they are worst then snakes some of them. *smile
    Great view on the challenge, Terry – and well written as always.


  2. Great post!!!!!I know exactly how you feel, Terry! I shy away from the discussion of politics too. My Grandfather always used to say:
    “The wrong types are all too often attracted to public office while decent, honourable people are far more apt to avoid it!”

    I understand where he was coming from. So many people who are attracted to political careers have entirely the wrong motivation. They do so for greed and personal gain, and not to serve the needs of their constituents or help improve the world.
    I cringe when election time rolls around. All the lies, deceit and underhanded tactics rise to the top and stamp out any decency and honourable intentions that might exist. Worse still are those that strive to impose their evil intent in the name of God!


  3. I dislike being PC. Because of my chronic pain and the fact I walk with a cane sometimes, someone might refer to me as “physically challenge” or “mobile challenged.” People — I have a HANDICAP. It’s okay to say that. I’m not offended, even though I know some people might be.

    And when others try to engage me in politics, I always offer discussing God and my salvation in Jesus as an option for AFTER our political talk. Some still try to engage me, but most pass. That’s a sad commentary. Sandy


    • my brother would give anything to walk with a cane again. You are handicapped but you are alive. We celebrate life and living and what our good Lord provides for us, right??? You are one awesome lady. I am lucky to have you in my life


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