Daily Prompt; Too Soon?

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Can anything be funny, or are some things off-limits?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUNNY.

Hearing someone fart is funny. We snicker, we blush, we leave our spot.

Seeing the fart is not funny.farts

Belching can be a hilarious sound.belch

Watching someone puke is not funny.

family-guy-puking-oEnjoying a family pet can be so much fun.

Knowing there is cruelty and animal abuse is not funny.

tumbler dogsHaving friends is wonderful and can provide the best laughter moments.class reunion

Bullying anyone is definitely not funny.

bullyingSeeing a baby giggle can be so much fun.

Rape is not funny. I have a video here that is very blunt. If you are weak and can not deal with it, you may not be able to watch it.

Living life can bring lots of laughter.

Suicide is not funny.


I put these particular videos, photos, cartoons and subjects on my post today to remind each of us we have choices.

There are so many more issues that I don’t even begin to have the space to go on.

Life can be full of love and laughter.

Life can also be very cruel and dangerous.

Thank-you for reading my post today on what is funny and what is not.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Too Soon?

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  2. Going from laughter to total repulsion usually doesn’t happen from reading one post, but there is always a first time — great funny pictures and videos, Terry! I won’t talk about the repulsive ones, but I understand why you posted them.


    • Yes the repulsive one is bad, but we all need to wake-up to what is happening right in our own back yards. We need to look out for each other. On the other hand I love the funnies and I have always loved to laugh


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