Fields Gone By

Life is but a mystery

Not empty but filled with history

Parents before have paved our way

We can now pay it forward in a new way

Families around the fireplace

Holding hands and saying grace

Sister Becca is caring for baby Sue

So Mama can do what she needs to do

Papa works hard sowing the land

Knowing he’ll never make a grand

But there is one thing they had

That is missing and is so sad

Families before they loved so deep

When one doth cry they all did weep

Sunday morns they knelt together

They went to church no matter the weather                                                     black and white

I have heard stories and I read my books

I close the chapters and look out of my nook

I wish for days like this to return

When love was free and a dollar was earned.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


12 thoughts on “Fields Gone By

  1. Oh, wow! Great job. You are talented.
    I wish families now days lived closer together and spent more time with each other. Some do but not many. When I was homeless for 4 months my brother didn’t even help me even though he lived 20 minutes away. That hurt and I still don’t know why he wouldn’t. He also did stuff with friends all the time, but not with me. We got along well when we were kids! I moved 3 years ago to be near my parents and now we see them about every other month. I don’t have a car so they have to come pick us up.
    Even when I was a kid I wanted to see our relatives all the time. We lived a 5 days drive away from everyone because of my dad’s job. Then my dad retired and my parents moved away back to the other relatives and left my brother and I. Very frustrating! I always wished for an old fashioned family that had multiple generations living in a big old farm house!


    • what you wish for is my dream also. Al and I are the only ones left in our family. It can be sad and scary at times. I want the family closeness. I don’t know if this helps or not, but when I was homeless and struggling, one out of all family came forth to help. Family should be there first but usually they are not


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