The Secret is About Al

Today I had carpet laid in our kitchen. I always had tiles but since Al has come home the wheelchair and his weight have cracked a few, so time to do something different. We can’t walk on it too much today, so I think tonight is pizza party night. He will like this.

I decided to get myself out of the house. I ran to one of my favorite used stores. Then I went to Al and my favorite soda shop to eat. Last I ran to the grocery store. While I was at the used and collectible store I found something for Al. I have seen it for three weeks now but I just didn’t want to pay the price.

I told the owner about Al’s incident last night so she lowered the price and I snatched it up for him. As soon as I get done with this I am going to go place it in his room and wait for him to notice it. Knowing him he should take notice immediately. Oh I can’t wait to see his face. Will I see smiles? I sure hope so. I just had to let you in on my secret. I love giving gifts. I love seeing people’s faces, and hope to hears giggles and see smiles. Makes me feel like a kid at a candy store.

At the soda shop besides eating I grabbed a product that will help stop Al’s bleeding almost instantly. I sure hope it works as I don’t want either of us to have to go through last night  again.

Once at the store I ran in and ran out. There was a truck with a gentleman getting ready to open the door to put his grocery items in. I looked in the driver seat to see if anyone was in there. Why? I don’t know, just nosy I guess. I was surprised at who I saw in the driver’s seat. I had to wonder if he was old enough to drive. I hope you can see the photo  below and what I am talking about. Look carefully in the driver’s seat. It was so bright out that I was disappointed in the shot but didn’t have the heart to toss the photo. So, sorry it isn’t a perfect shot.

The last photo is of a sketching I did last night when I was waiting for the Hospice nurse to come. My son said it looks like a jelly fish, what do you think? So here are the three photos for you to see.


coca cola cartdogsketch


38 thoughts on “The Secret is About Al

  1. That is an adorable side table! very unique. Awwww, the dog is cute. I used to have a Beagle that looked similar. Your drawing is cool, it is like a jellyfish, but I think it’s got creepy eyes! lol


    • thanks Sparrow, it does seem that in my sketches the eyes are the scary parts. I don’t know why. I don’t know what I am going to sketch ever. I just start with my sketching pencil and see what happens. I am glad you could see the dog. I hope Al loves his table


    • that is awesome! I looked at it after seeing your comment and I can see it too! I don’t ever know where my sketches will end up so I love getting your thoughts. Al liked his coca cola cart. He said, thanks sis, and then went to sleep


  2. True, it is a very nice drawing of what looks like a jellyfish, and a happy little sea creature at that! I, too am excited to find out how Al reacts to the cute little Coke cart — he’ll just love it, I’m sure! We haven’t been brave enough to let our dog Lucy start driving yet, but more power to this guy for teaching his dog the basics at least, lol!


    • Becky, you crack me up!!! LOL, you haven’t let your dog start driving yet, hehe. Al liked his coca cola car. He didn’t giggle or smile but when I laid him down after supper he said thanks sis. That was good enough to mark an “approved stamp” on it! hugs my friend. I just am so glad we have located each other thru here


      • I’m so very glad he liked it! He is probably too worn-out to show excitement much, but I know it means a lot to him that you brought him such a wonderful surprise! I’m so glad we have gotten to know each other, too, and I continue to pray for you and Al and wish you blessings and peace.


      • I am pretty sure he likes his new cart. When I placed his cars on the lower shelves he liked that too. I am so happy we have met each other through blogging. You are a good and close friend to me, well in my opinion that is how I feel, I guess I am hoping you feel that way too


  3. I see the back of a teen girl’s head with her hair flowing out and she’s wearing ear phones. and the dog looks like my Wendy and Walter two dogs I had growing up! Maybe he uses his paws and cruise control!


  4. I knew it all along, Terry! With your warm, kindly heart and love of gift giving, you are Mrs Kringle ! The Cola cart is wonderful, and his “Thanks, Sis!” must have been priceless!
    It is so nice to read about the light hearted Terry today!
    That dog is very definitely driving age, or maybe that is just in Canada, so what is the problem? Lol!!! 😉

    Your drawing is quite clearly the nucleus of the sun and its radiating beams. A jelly fish would never be able to survive in that kind of heat! Lol! Thanks for the chuckles,

    ~ Cliffy


    • I love your comment. I guess the dog is definitely driving age. Hey, i want to see his doggy license. lol, I love what you see in my drawing. I don’t know why I sketch. I am definitely not good, but I have found it is a great way to release. Big hugs my friend


  5. Aw, we met online talking about thrift stores so long ago. Great find and yes, if not a chain place, always haggle! Al’s going to love it! 🙂

    Well, I never knew you were an artist, Terry! I miss so many of your posts, though. It looks like a jelly fish to me and I love them–unless they sting you. Luckily, I never got stung while living abroad. Was that a dog in the car (that’s like my daily vision)? If so. hysterical. I’ve seen that before and it makes you do a double take! Lol.

    Glad you got the carpet–lots of accommodations for wheelchairs. We lucked out when my grandpa had a stroke and we had to get them out of their teeny, 2 story home (plus daylight basement and attic!). All stairs! Poor grandma (5′) pulled grandpa (6′) up and down the stairs to the one bathroom on the 2nd level. We searched for an apt. nearer to us that was ground floor, and found that a couple was moving out of a 2 BR that had been remodeled by Easter Seals as the husband was wheelchair-bound. So, we got 1 bedroom with a widened doorway and a roll-in shower! What luck, but grandpa didn’t make it more than a year or two due to complications. I lived with them after college for 3 mos. in that little apt. (on the sofa!) trying to make my way in the career world, and got to spend the little spare time I had in the end with grandpa. Miss them both–such good people from the Dakotas. Simple and honest… the types to fix everything and watch their pennies! I imagine your neck of the woods may be the same.
    Big hugs… I know times are hard,


    • life sure isn’t easy for most of us but we do the best we can. We enjoy the little things and try to think positive. I am so glad you got to spend time with your Grandpa. You could never have gone back and changed a thing but you have great memories. Yes, thrift stores introduced us. That is a dog in the driver seat. I saw it when I was leaving the store!!


      • Imagine the world with dogs in the driver’s seat. Would the road rage come to an end or would they be like us with the untrained pit bulls going wild and the friendly labs letting others cut in front? Funny! Who was the cartoonist in the ’80s who had things like that. Oh, was he funny! He had one with dogs going to work on the bus and they all had their heads out the windows. Lol! Ah, Gary Larson–The Far Side. So many laughs from him.


      • oh yeah that was a funny cartoon! some dogs have more compassion and love than humans, so sad to see our world becoming rough and cracked


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