Two Awards, Plus Updates

Dr. Rex is an awesome blogger. As soon as I read the first words of her blog I was hooked. I look forward to the new posts and the heart-felt comments she leaves me. If you have not met her, please go introduce yourself. Tell her Terry sent you.

She nominated me for two awards. Very Inspiring Award and Inner Peace Award.

very-inspiring-blogger-award-2inner Peace BadgeThank-you so much my friend for thinking of me.


Also I want to thank Patricia for the card Al received in the mail yesterday. He is starting to look at his dinner setting when I bring him to the table to see if there if any mail for him.

If anyone wants to send him a card please email me at

for the address.


The update on Al on the bleeding issue is;

Because of emergencies with Hospice patients it took three hours for a nurse to show up. Al bled pretty much for those three hours. When the nurse came she cleaned it. Then put paper sutures in it. All done and at 8:30 the nurse was done and because of Al’s nerves being set on fire from his routine being messed up, he was given some help to go to sleep.

He slept for about a half an hour. I think he was just plain on edge, almost too tired to sleep. He stayed a wake until almost one, which I can say I will be napping this afternoon. So all’s well that ends well, but I am going to be looking into something that stops that bleeding quicker in case a nurse can’t get here soon enough.

16 thoughts on “Two Awards, Plus Updates

  1. Congrats on your well deserved awards!
    I am much relieved that they managed to stop the bleeding! Three hours is a long time. Poor Al and poor you, you must have been an absolute wrecks after all that!
    Make sure to grab that nap this afternoon, you need it Terry! 🙂

    Huge Hugs.



    • We were both wrecks I think. I am glad that night is over. I purchased a product that from now on I can place on him when an open area is bleeding. I hope it works. it is to stop the flow of blood and form a clot. It says it is used for people who take blood thinners


  2. Thank you so very much, Terri!! Your kind words touch my heart!!! 🙂
    I’m having an issue w/ my Hotmail account …. may not get your response yet. Hopefully it will be fixed!! Then I’ll be able to read anything.
    TYVM!!!! Hugs!!


    • I haven’t had hotmail for years, and am hoping your issue gets fixed. You are very welcome. I only speak the truth as I see it. I think you are very special


      • I’m getting my mail ….Yay!!! But with google chrome!! TY … for your kind words. Always on the look out for your postings!!
        Hope Al is well!!! 🙂


      • I have Google Chrome but don’t use it. No real reason I guess. I use Firefox. Al is better humored tonight but tired. He is trying to hurry and finish supper so he can go take a nap. You say such nice things to me, thanks so much for being you


  3. I sent Al a card and a letter today. To anyone else maybe the letter seems scattered, but I struggled to think of things to tell him! You will notice but maybe he won’t. I hope that today he is feeling better. {{hugs}}


    • This morning I found him in better humor. I was relieved. He didn’t sleep that much so I expect him to come home tired. He struggles from afternoon until bedtime. His body just runs out of energy early. I will be looking for your card and don’t worry about what it says. Al will be thrilled to see something just for him


  4. Terry I have missed some posts as my laptop does not work. I shall catch up when I am back home. I am visiting my mum. Wishing you both a good rest and all the best. Much love and hugs from Ute


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