Let’s Party And Get Down And Boogie

First off, I want to thank Natalie, Mia and Spirit for the adorable card you sent Al. He loved the bear and asked, “do you think she has seen it yet?” He was fascinated by your bear story.

I want to also thank my best friend Lez, for a beautiful card that you sent to me. I was so surprised. I was getting ready to hand it to Al when I took a second look and noticed his name was not on the card.  This was a real treat, a Christmas package in mid August, per say. I love you and appreciate you just being you, and here for me day or night.

I took Al to the scheduled eye doctor appointment. It was pretty much good news. I was so relieved. His slanted and hanging head is causing him to not be able to focus. The double vision is coming from him not holding his head right so he is seeing  through the line of the bifocal.Bifocal d section

In fact, he no longer needs to wear his glasses except when watching TV. He couldn’t read because the glasses were being used, and now he can take them off. I am going to show him the cards you all have sent him when he wakes up. Maybe he can read them by himself again.

The small downfall was his vision is 20/40 and will never get better. His eye muscles are weak. And at this point there will be no new glasses ordered.

We celebrated by him purchasing a green 1957 Chevy Bel Air, and buying some No Sugar Added Strawberry Ice-cream for his treat later tonight. He was exhausted from our little trip. He had not had any pain medication, other than the normal ones he takes until now. The trip just makes him hurt. I told him it would be a long, long time before he had to go back to the eye doctor and he was glad.chevy

So release the balloons, let’s party and get down and boogie for some good news.boogieballoons

Daily Prompt; Three-Tenths

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Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPHAZARD.

I wish I could take a nap this afternoon, yes!

I have been busy since I got up this morning. I got up a half an hour before Al did. I slapped some water on my face to open my eyes. Brushed my teeth. You see it is my fault I am tired today. Usually I can place the blame on caring for Al or my age. Last night my son and his family and a couple of friends came here in the evening.

A fire was started in the pit. Watching the glow caused conversation to flow easily and with checking on Al and snacks, medicine and good times I never crawled into bed until almost 1 in the morning. This is definitely against my body clock. Even when I went to bed I could still hear the chatter and laughter outside my window as the gathering still was in gear.

I got dressed and started the coffee. Then turned on the TV for Al so he could find something to bitch about besides his illness. I got Al up and washed him. Put a clean brief and clothes on him and pushed him in his wheelchair to the kitchen.

Then Rhino, our fat cat heard voices and he had to be a part of our breakfast club. He mewed and I kept saying, “not now, later, no petting during cooking breakfast.” I think he was ignoring my request. He is so impatient when it comes to him.

Al wanted pancakes and sausage and one glazed doughnut. Along with orange juice and milk and his medications he and the cat ate their breakfast. Al wanted in his recliner after brushing his teeth.

He has been sitting and dozing for about two hours now. While he was taking it easy I dumped the cat box and put new litter in it. I swept the kitchen floor. I cleaned Al’s bathroom and made his bed.

I made those two recipes this morning. Remember the ones I posted last night? Sausage Casserole and Chocolate Chip Gooey Cake. Those took a while but they turned out looking pretty.

Now I am here taking a few moments to check-up on you and write this. Next I will be in changing Al’s brief and considering lunch ideas with him. After lunch he may try to squeeze a short nap in. This is where my wish comes in. I want to take a nap this afternoon too. Yes, it would be perfect timing, but alas, I will not be able to.

I will be getting Al’s clean clothes and brief out and getting clean clothes on myself because he has an eye doctor appointment this afternoon. We shall figure out how much more vision he has lost since last October. I know it is going to be a difference as he can not see handwriting anymore.

When we get home he may want to take another nap and then I might get lucky as they maidsay and take a few winks myself.


Whispers in the morning

Dew upon the ground

Leaves standing still

No one around

Hush little baby

Don’t say a word

Sister’s walking softly

Not even a tweet from a bird

As long as you are sleeping

Your pain is resting too

These are the moments I treasure

When you are back to you

And when you wake up brother

I’ll try to do my best

To make your day go quickly

Then you can lay and rest                                                               AnimatedCandleThoughtandPrayers

Hush little baby

Don’t say a word

Sister’s got it covered

Only silence will be heard.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd