A Sister’s Thoughts

The night is closing in

I  breathe we made it through

Although the bed was his best friend

I give praise in all you do

Not much speaking

Not many tears

I sense a lot of thinking

About the past years.

I wish that I could get inside

And see the thought process

But it is private for him to know

And time for me to  regress

Only you God have the answers

Only you know the perfect time

My wish is for another day

Is my asking so out of line?

I will go now and say goodnight

I will make him nice and dry

I will hold his hand and tell him

I love him with a small tear in my eye.

Written by

Terry Shepherd


17 thoughts on “A Sister’s Thoughts

  1. Hold his hand touch his shoulder sit with him telling him you love him explaining the walk through the beautiful journey to heavens gates no one should be alone at this time if it can be helped. Love you Terry praying for you and Al.


    • thank you Sheri. I do love him very much. Maybe more because he is my only blood sibling and we are all we have left. What ever the reason and what ever happens I know you will be here with me. To me, this brings great comfort



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