Back In Time

These past few days of cooler weather cause my mind to wander back to earlier times. Trick-or-treating. Mom never bought us those pricey costumes. She would make us up in what ever she had around the house at the time. One time I was a scarecrow.scarecrow

Another year I can remember she made me go in a white sheet. She just cut out the eyes and used magic markers to blacken the eyes. No one was going to recognize me right? Wrong, all my family members did, probably because Mom was standing in the background.ghost 1

When I got to be a teenager I did things I should have not done. I tasted my first wine one Halloween night.

Boone Farm Strawberry Wine. Boy did I think I was big stuff. Maybe for that paragraph in time I was, but that was it.

Now that I am an adult I still like to decorate. One year when I lived where there were plenty of little ones knocking at my door I dressed up as a witch and passed out treats. The kiddies were a little frightened but I calmed them down by taking off my mask for them. Those were good times.witch

Part of the reason for decorating is to enjoy the looks and words of people who really enjoy this time of the year.

I never looked at it as a real demon day. It was all in fun, an opportunity to bring my childhood memories back to life for one evening.

But now there are no trick-or-treaters where I live. Al could care less if I decorate or not. He doesn’t get excited about any of it.

I usually put up some purple lights inside the house. I put up an electric Pumpkin in the window. I play some eerie sounds.

For one eve I have some fun. I let loose and go back in time where life was good. Time was forever. The word worry was unheard of.             green hands                                                pumpkin


17 thoughts on “Back In Time

      • I think I was in the 11th grade. I went through some hard drinking during my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, but that is all behind me now. I still drink a glass of wine every now and then.


      • we seem to all have to try it but then we make our choice whether to continue or not and you decided against it. I am proud of you


  1. We never did Halloween at home as child in Germany, and I never started with my children, it is rather an American tradition I say. Well it was cheaper for me. I think it is bigger now in Germany too!


    • I used to have this very special friend from the Netherlands for years until he passed a way. He would send me boxes of cookies at Christmas and let me see photos of children starting the Christmas season by rolling the ginger bread balls in the street. I enjoy other people’s customs


  2. Great post! I have always loved Halloween, does that make me a bad Christian, I wonder?

    It was fun to see so many people, young and old alike entering into the “spirit” of the thing.
    I don’t get many trick-or-treaters around my neighbourhood, these days either 😦

    Thanks for the chuckles and memories, Terry! 🙂


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