Stabbing Pains When You Love

Some days it is almost too much to go through the days. Praying and hoping Al is having a good day. Knowing and expecting a very tired man when he returns home. I have all the support from all of you. But yet in this past half hour my heart aches and I needed someone close that knew what I am feeling right now.

I ran across a daughter whose mother passed a way from M.S.A. This is the same illness that Al has. She had a video and I was stupid or maybe smart enough to watch it. I lost it as I saw either the exact same thing Al goes through, or the beginning stages of what this Mother went through. The illness between this lady and Al are almost identical.

Please watch and all you have to do is change her face to Al’s. There are only a couple of differences, the eyes closed and the skin and bones.


32 thoughts on “Stabbing Pains When You Love

  1. And as Al is, this lovely lady was supported by unwavering love and care, I see pain, loss and grief. I also se the pure beauty of love, and the blessing of being allowed to be there for a loved one. Look for the love in the video, see how that is the core of her days, and be proud that even if your brother and you are going through this cruel illness and devastating stages, he also is followed and cared for in love, by you as God’s hands. I pray that you also will feel how you are carried in the loving arms of God, and that every promise of strength and joy that God ever has given us, will continue to be very real to you.
    Please thank the daughter who made the film for doing that, it should be shown to everyone who cares for someone who is dependent of them.
    Love, Solveig


    • I did thank her. One of the reasons I borrowed the video is the caring and loving attitudes. You could tell they really loved their mom, wife and family member. I can not imagine having to go through any or this illness alone with no support


  2. Love hurts, I know. Whether it’s romantic love or the love of a family member or friend, when we feel strongly for people it’s so hard to see them suffer or to suffer as a result. Hugs, friend. Hope you have a good evening.


    • it has definitely been a quiet evening as Al does not want to wake up from his nap. I hope he wakes up soon. I really can’t afford to be awake all night long


  3. This was, indeed, a very difficult video to watch without tears. Does Al still try to do any reading? I ran across the lighted magnifier yesterday and wondered if Al could still use it?


    • I have been looking for one of those, with no luck. Al can not see small print. The eye doctor did tell him last week that if he took his glasses off he could read, but with Al’s mentality he refuses as he has been taught to wear his glasses. No matter what I say he won’t do it. A lighted magnifier would be what I would think help him to once again read. Where did you find it and how much was it? I would like to buy one


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