Don’t Let The Small Things Pass You By

The first thing I want to do is thank Mandy C. for sending Al and myself a card. They were beautiful and Al  said, ” your friends think I’m cool.”  I just about cracked up laughing and he smiled big for me. That was a high-light of my day. Thank-you again Mandy.

I have decided not to speak about myself directly and not mention Al, or M.S.A. or the word tears.

Instead I thought I would just be simple-minded that I am and share with you different photos of what I find beautiful in the world that I walk in. Ready, set, go. Oh, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together for my best friends, YOU.

waterfallsbutterflies 2amber-wavessnow-falling-on-womanwomanbarnslilaclilyswind_serenityjelly fishdiamondsIcicles-on-Lake-Michigan-01-800x533book4

15 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Small Things Pass You By

  1. A lovely amalgam of images, Terry!
    Thank you for this sneak peak into your, “Beautiful World” Gallery.
    I was particularly entranced by the animated butterfly stream picture. Do you have a favorite?




    • you will think I am weird but my favorite art is Victorian Nude Art. Beautiful , poetic, magnificent men and women in artful forms. Nothing nasty or dirty of course. Like the photo above of the nude. The soul comes through the artist brushes and I love this. I also love anything to do with beauty in butterflies. thanks for a great comment Cliffy!!! hugs


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