#FWF Free Write Friday; Pick a Title


Here is your FWF prompt…

Select a title from the list below as your inspiration:

“Dandelion Season”
“Phone Call at Midnight”
“The Green Years”
“The Human Zoo”
“The Fires of Spring”
“The Ivy Covered Gate”

Phone Call at Midnight

Brian was a cocky teen. He was the son of a President of the local bank. His mother didn’t work outside the home. She was involved with many charities and either at meetings or hosting parties at their Bellville home.

Every one who was anyone envied this family. Money, fortune, cars, luxuries and beyond was theirs. People did their best to be good friends with Robert and Sandra. Sandra wore a pasted smile on her face when ever she was out in public but underneath she was a stalker.

A stalker of actions. She watched everyone. She  knew that it wasn’t her that people craved, it was her money. She assumed that there was an outside reason that so many wanted to friend her.

Her heart had gold bars around it and she never had found the key to open it up. She was like a delicate egg. You handled with care and didn’t upset with wrong words. I guess she didn’t really know any better although I believe myself, that as an adult you can surely make changes in your life if you don’t like who or what you represent. Her own parents had married into money. She learned what she saw.

Robert also had come from old money. He had been taught to stomp on who ever got in his way. Success was the bold, highlighted word in his own made-up dictionary. He was stern-faced, clean-shaven. A suit and tie guy. His heart was made of steel and there was no key in the beginning. Breaking him would be a difficult task to say the least.

They had one child. They didn’t really want this child but you were no one if you didn’t produce an heir. As soon as Brian was born he was gifted into the arms of a nanny. As he began school he would come home excited to show his  parents what he had made that day to be brushed off and end up showing his prize to the nanny silhouette.

He made plenty of friends. He was invited to every party as he got older. He could have any girl with his good looks, but he hated himself. How can one be so popular and yet have a sour taste when he hears his name.

In his senior year, he was so empty his heart ached. He had the shining key but he didn’t know how to use it. He had never been taught how to show his affections. No one had ever sat down with him and said those three magic words I love you.

His parents filled their pockets, their guest lists increased but at midnight on Brian’s graduation day his parents received a phone call. It was one of his friends he hung out with. He was calling to say that Brian was at his house. He was stuttering as he told Robert and Sandra, ” the police just left here. They are on their way to your house. They are going to give you some bad news. I just wanted to give you heads up. Brian hung himself in my clothes closet tonight.

Upon hearing the voice over the phone, Robert hung it on its cradle and looked over at his wife who was soundly sleeping. He tapped her until he got her a wake. She sat up grumbling, “what is it? I have a headache. Can’t you wait until tomorrow?”

As Robert broke the news a sound came from the floor. They both looked down. When they reached down to pick up what they had heard  they stared at each other as they looked into the others hands.

Three keys, one gold, one steel and one shiny. All three were scratched around the edges. All three had edges that were worn down. The two sat and waited for the police, staring at the keys.

gold keysteel keyshiny keyfree-write-friday-kellie-elmore

I Learned Two Things Today

I learned two things  this morning. They  could change my life if I follow the rules. My life could be less stressful if I only chew on a pencil.pencils

All this time I thought I had to take a nap. Or take deep breaths. Maybe take a vacation to Disney World.Walt-Disney-World-Disney-characters

I never knew that all I had to do was take one of my stale pencils from my desk and start chewing and biting on it.

Sort of reminds me of school when I was struggling to find an answer. Or when I was nervous I would bite a pencil during testing times.

Of course I would have to give up my blogging. To have the pencil in use I would have to put down my black keyboard. Then on top of that I may become regressed. Because of my Diabetes I have nerve damage in my fingers.

I do a lot of tracking and writing for my  job and Al’s Day Program. My fingers always end up numb and sore from writing in black ink only.

I don’t know, I may have to go back to the way I was doing it prior to this new information. Blogging helps heal me. Each word speaks to me and helps me sort things out. Napping is something I enjoy. It takes every clogged thought and tosses it until I wake up.

Also I am getting older and my teeth are not as strong before. Could biting on wood cause me to rot my old teeth? Would I end up having to have dentures?false teeth

The other thing I learned is in order to release stress, smile more and live a happier life, I should have more sex.

What in the world is sex?sex I have been divorced for six years and although there have been a couple of guys pass by I have not had anything serious to brag  about. I think if what I have heard in the past with sly jokes is that I probably have spiders living among me.spider

So now I discover that until I have sex again I may not smile.baby_smile

Should I go out and stand on the street corner in order to smile again?hooker

Could I tell the arresting officer that I learned to smile and live a happier life by watching a TV program? Would this keep me out of jail?jail

Well I guess I am out of choices pretty much. I think I will just stick to who I am and be happy with myself.

I will smile because I have been given one more day to do what’s right. I will be thankful for what I have. I will keep waiting and stressing for that special man to appear before my eyes and say, ” Lordy woman, where have you been all my life?”fabiobook4