My God, My God, Hear Our Cries

My God, my God

Please help

With all you can

Let me lean on you

As I am so very tired

Please God please

Let someone hear

My call for help

With Al

Last night the

Tremors were awful

We were both up

Until six this morning

And two hours

Later I am feeding him

I can’t do this alone

Already I am

Hearing I can’t eat

This breakfast

I am not hungry

And I turn to look

As his hands are

Beating the table

As the tremors

Move for ever more.

Here I sit at my computer

Tears falling from my eyes

Playing every song

That speaks of God

In hopes he hears

Al’s and my cries

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


33 thoughts on “My God, My God, Hear Our Cries

  1. Oh, my sister–I pray that you are able to find that strength that surpasses all understanding, that warriors will come to hold up your hands just as they did for Moses, that the Angels of the Lord will attend you. Be encouraged; you would not be doing this thing if it was not for the strength of the Lord already within you. It may seem like a dark time, but remember–the sun is shining all the time, but occasionally (like when there are storm clouds or we are in a valley with our sight blocked by mountains all around), we simply cannot see it.


    • I want to see the sun. I want to pass over the clouds. Al is exhausted emotionally and physically. His tremors are out of control. They are wild. I pray for more strength so I can get Al through this. Big hugs AR


      • I know you do, dear one. Be strong, as God’s answer may or may not be the exact one we had in mind. He is there, in dark days and in bright ones. We cannot hide or be hidden from him–“if I ascend to heaven, You are there; if I descend into Sheol, You are there…”


  2. Dear God, please give comfort and strength and rest to Al and Terry. Amen.
    Terry, isn’t there respite care offered through your hospice?


  3. I echo all the comments given. Stay strong by leaning on The Lords strength He is a mighty God and he will give you the strength you need just ask and then praise and thank Him for it. The more you praise Him and thank Him the bigger the blessing for He does not want His children to suffer. Love you feel the hug I am sending. (((((xx)))) God Bless and give you strength.


    • thank you so much Len. I received and loved the hug. As the day has gone on Al is no better. His tremors are going nuts and driving Al crazy and making him irritable. He is refusing his meals by now


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