I miss him

I can’t help it

The house is quiet

I am hearing

My own heart beat

I should be asleep

But not until butterflies 2book4

I tell him

I love you Bud

I hope you have

A good night

I will see you

First thing in

The morning

Do you think

He is thinking of me?

We each have

Our own heart beat

Our own brain

And our own soul

And yet, we

Are connected

As God’s children.

Written by

Terry Shepherd


27 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Perhaps this stay at the Hospice place will make it so Al will be more rested and comfortable at home, and can be there with you when his time does come to go. This is heartbreaking, and my heart truly goes out to you, Terry. Prayers for peace and comfort for the rest of Al’s journey here on earth.


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  3. There is really a measurable connection between two people. Within the same room, with the correct instrument (an EKG machine or EEG machine), every person’s heartbeat or brainwave can be detected with only one person being hooked to the machine. So if there are 4 or five people, there sill be that many different heartbeats on the monitor for the one person being measured. These have to be extra sensitive, but it has been tested. That is why we feel the difference when someone we are with all of the time is gone. Or a pet. The closer they are to your space the stronger the connection. Seems simple really. Lovely post!


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