I About S__T On Myself

This morning since Al wasn’t here I decided to take a shower first thing. I took my time, taking off my glasses, going potty, starting the water. Looked at the wrinkles forming in my face, yuck, and finally hopped in the steaming hot water.

I sang a little bit, just decided to enjoy this small moment in my day. Finished, I turned the water off. Grabbed my white and blue butterfly towel and dried off. Slapped some good-smelling lotion on and got dressed.

I walked over to the sink to get my glasses and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t see that well because I am blind as a bat without my glasses but what ever it was it moved in the stool.

I hurried and put my glasses on and looked down in the water. It was a tree frog.tree frog

I screamed and jumped back. I know it sounds cold but I instantly flushed the stool. I didn’t watch. When the stool filled back up I looked down thinking it would be gone but it wasn’t. It had climbed above the height of the water and was sitting there looking at me. He was probably cussing me out wondering why I was trying to snuff him out.

I leaned down just a little bit to get a closer look at him and then he jumped. I screamed again and slammed the toilet lid down. I hurried and went to the phone and text my son. Come quick, there is a frog in my stool.

I not only shut the toilet lid, I shut the bathroom door too in case he somehow could get out I didn’t want him loose in my house. As I was sitting here waiting for my son I suddenly got a vision of something bad.

Had I peed on the frog? What if he would have jumped up on my naked rear end. I felt shivers run down my spine and saw goose bumps climb on my arms. It still gives me shivers just thinking about it. I mentally told the little creature I was sorry if I tinkled on him.

When my son showed up he went in and picked that little thing up in his bare hands and carried him outside and let him go. I couldn’t believe he just picked it up in the stool. He said, “mom, it was clean water. I can’t believe you were trying to flush him in to an early grave.”

We had a good laugh but I can tell you anytime I have used the potty today I have looked first.

Another thing I wanted to do now that I got that true story out-of-the-way is thank a few people.

Al received three cards today. I haven’t opened them so I couldn’t take photos of the cards inside. I want to thank Sherry S., Jan T., and Julie G.

When Al gets home from the Hospice house I will give them to him. Thank-you everyone for continuing to send him cards. He lights up when he sees a card for him. He tells me people care about him even though he is sick.

Speaking of Hospice, the doctor just called and said they are working on trying to slow down the tremors with new medications. They are also trying to help the heavy sweating caused from the M.S.A.

The doctor suggested that Al not participate in activities like the car show because he is too weak anymore and he has to pay the price for the next 24-36 hours. I wondered to myself as he was talking if Al should continue his Day Program. It seems Al does better when he is in bed not being active.  He said that if they can calm down either or both Al may have a few months left. He said that if Al continues to not eat well, and  his tremors can not be regulated to at least a slow steady than he may not be here in a few weeks.

He explained how the tremors are affecting Al’s heart and with him having C.A.D. this illness is injuring an already tired heart. He said that Al slept for five hours, which is better than the one and a half hours here. He said that he ate two ham sandwiches which is a big improvement.

The last thing he told me was, ” don’t get your hopes up too high. Al is going to have good and bad days. It seems that today he is having a good day, but tomorrow could be bad. I just don’t want you to be disappointed. This M.S.A. is nothing to laugh about and it is very serious. Make sure you have a really good Christmas.”

With that he told me he would call tomorrow and to have a good day.

The End.

20 thoughts on “I About S__T On Myself

  1. Oh, I understand about weird things popping up (no pun intended) in the lu. We’ve had water bugs when we were back east (ew! like giant roaches!) but now that we are in Southern California we have wonderful things like spiders. Not so much in the lu but they are outside (black widows) and I found one in the bottom of our laundry room trash (brown recluse). I always look in the stool before sitting and make sure I check before I stick my hand into small spaces, like to turn off the garage lights (some of the switches sit in a shelf alcove).

    Glad the doctors are trying to work solutions for Al and that they are being honest with you. Praying for your peace through this process.


  2. I’m with you, Terry. I would have screamed and tried immediately to think of a man to come take care of it. Why is it we assume men can and should deal with the unwanted critters in our lives? When I lived in Vermont I had an extremely competent landlady who could do anything – at home or camping in the rough. But when she caught a mouse in a trap in her kitchen she called the man across the street to come take it out.

    OK. Besides telling that story, how do you think the toad got in there?


    • I ask my son the same question. How did it get in there? He didn’t have any answers, and because of this I check before I sit every day. LOL,, I guess I think the way my mom did. She always leaned on Dad. I am not married, so I lean on my sons


  3. I didn’t even know you had a son living with you!! I’d freak if I saw a frog in my bathroom too – they belong outside…;-) And if God gives Al another Christmas, then it will be full of love and light and tinsel..


  4. Glad your son is not squeamish and dealt with your frog. Funny you are such a strong person, and a little frog turned up ….. and you need help. Probably you should have kissed him….? Who knows. …. Be more courageous next time. The prince is waiting……


    • O my gosh why didn’t I think of that? That could have been my prince charming getting a first peek at my big butt!!!! LOL My son isn’t afraid of anything I don’t think!


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