#FWF Free Write Friday, Childhood Gift

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Write about your most memorable childhood gift. Was is a Christmas gift? A Birthday gift? Was is something you really wanted or was it a surprise that ended up holding a sentimental place in your heart? What do you remember? How did it make you feel?

I was really a lucky kid when I look back at birthdays and Christmas Day. I didn’t ask for things like kids do today. My requests were all about dolls and bikes. Normal things, not too pricey.

There were no iPad, and cell phones. So I didn’t get yelled at or hear things like, what in the world are you thinking? Do you think we are made out of money? You better rewrite that list.

It didn’t matter what age I was I always received what I asked for. I didn’t give it much thought back then. What kid does? All I knew is what i wished so hard for I got. There were two Christmas Day’s and one birthday that I remember better than any others.

One year when I was about 7, I received a Chatty Cathy Doll.chatty cathy The next year when I was 8, I received Baby Thumbelina.

thumbelina1These two photos are exactly like the dolls I owned. The year I turned ten for my birthday I received my very first brand new bike.

Large_Classic_Schwinn_CruisMine was just like this but it was apple red.

As I stated in the beginning I was a lucky kid. Oh, it wasn’t because I received the gifts I wanted more than anything.

It was because I had a new Mom in my life. I came from a broken home and Mom did her best. She had no training. She was just thrown into the situation. We were here first children she cared for.

I think that now that I am grown and have my own children and grandchildren;  I can see and understand the pain that children can put us through. I can see how strong Mom was. She did a good job.

Mom if you aren’t too busy hanging out with God, l hope you turn your ear down here on earth and hear me saying, you were the best Mom ever. Love and miss you. I will see you  again.


Lord I Need Time

Why is it sometimes life

Does not seem fair

We do everything right

We take truths instead of dares


The ones who wrong and run a way

Escape the price to pay

And then tigersthere are others who stay and fight

Not knowing any other way


And then along comes the news

The one we can only dread

It throws emotions back and forth

It weighs and dulls our head


We really aren’t as tough you know

We can be taken down

All it takes is one wrong word

To send us to the ground


I am not on a poor me trip

I admit I have a bit of fear

Now that it is most likely I have

What my brother has had for years


So I come to you dear Lord above

I come to you and pray

Please let me finish my care for him

Let me be sick another day


For I have seen the tremors too

Going on for sometime now

I ask you Lord to hold off on me

I come to you and bow


Please let me be safe and free from harm

Give me strength to see him through

Then Lord you can take me and have my all

And do what you need to do.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd