Lord I Need Time

Why is it sometimes life

Does not seem fair

We do everything right

We take truths instead of dares


The ones who wrong and run a way

Escape the price to pay

And then tigersthere are others who stay and fight

Not knowing any other way


And then along comes the news

The one we can only dread

It throws emotions back and forth

It weighs and dulls our head


We really aren’t as tough you know

We can be taken down

All it takes is one wrong word

To send us to the ground


I am not on a poor me trip

I admit I have a bit of fear

Now that it is most likely I have

What my brother has had for years


So I come to you dear Lord above

I come to you and pray

Please let me finish my care for him

Let me be sick another day


For I have seen the tremors too

Going on for sometime now

I ask you Lord to hold off on me

I come to you and bow


Please let me be safe and free from harm

Give me strength to see him through

Then Lord you can take me and have my all

And do what you need to do.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


26 thoughts on “Lord I Need Time

    • don’t feel bad Alastair. I am speechless also. I have suspected it for sometime but when the nurse pointed it out to me this morning by saying, how long have you had PD? I see your head is having tremors, I knew my secret was out


      • I saw that in your post that you deleted. I didn’t say anything as I figured you had changed your mind and didn’t want to talk about it.


      • I said it all wrong and screwed up. I thought poetry may work better. It is hard to talk about and if I go to the doc they don’t give a strict diagnosis with PD. They wait and document as symptoms go farther along and then they can say yes or no, but even then there is not much and if I am lucky enough I will have only the small version as my dad did


  1. I’m sorry to hear you have PD. My Dad has it too. His medicine makes him fall asleep when he sits, but it helps his tremors. He has tremors in his hands. In other ways he is the same as always. Dear God, please keep Terry’s symptoms at bay while she cares for her brother, amen.


  2. Terry, I don’t really know what to say … where is the fairness in life???? When did you find out ??? I’m devastated, Terry .. over the news. I so glad that your have your faith and your strong believes … but I can’t help wondering why he let it happen to you too, this even makes me doubt more . Sorry, Terry .. for I have to put it like this. Is there any medicine that can slow it down, even it’s noticed so early.
    Terry, I’m not sorry … I’m angry, because this is not fair against you.
    I wish I could hug you for … a long time.


    • I can’t help but ask myself either, how could this happen to me? I am the one who cares for other sick people. Is this the way it is going to end, me in need of the caring? There is a part of me which doesn’t want to keep my belief any longer. I think as this illness progresses there are medications to help but not yet, it is too early. I just don’t understand, I really don’t


      • Terry, the news shakes my world completely – you of all people … it must be something in the gens. I understand that you doubt – but I also understand that your beliefs give you the strength. You have been praying for Al in for such a time, why couldn’t he spare you the same destiny. As I said before when our contact started …. Why does people that already have a massive burden – get more to carry???
        I would seek help already now and .. maybe there is some medicine to take in early stages to slow the process down. Life isn’t fair .. and your God isn’t fair neither.


      • I can’t seem to grasp it yet. It is a nightmare to me. To handle Al and myself is beyond my imagination. I figure I will deal with me when Al doesn’t need me any more. Our father, his mother, and her sister all had Parkinsons. If I am lucky I will only have the head tremors like they did and not be severe like Al. I agree none of this shit is fair at all


  3. Sending you love and light and a continued wish that you see a doctor before you consign yourself to a fate that you suspect but isn’t a sure thing. Tremors can be symptoms of so many things – including stress. I too pray that you have time and peace and comfort and health and I beg you to go to the doctor..


  4. May firstly God give you strength to deal with Al and then also to help you. Terry, please do look after yourself too, and you do need to see a doctor. It might be stress related and you might be able to conquer it. Be in my arms and feel comfort. I am always there for you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you my love !


  5. Terry – I’m keeping you and your brother in my prayers – your strength never ceases to amaze me and the way you put others before yourself continues to leave me in awe – If God is the God I think he is – he’s listening honey! Surround yourself with friends and family.


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