29 thoughts on “You Can’t Help but Laugh

    • I used to live in Sarasota Florida, and one time Al and I were pulling into a parking space. Another car wanted the space but actually I arrived first. She got as close as she could with her car making it hard for me to actually pull in. Suddenly this little old lady in her 80’s gets out and starts beating my vehicle with her fists.
      I would have gladly given her the space but after she acted like a spoiled brat I refused. We got out, locked the doors and went inside


  1. Haha.. I remembered how the same thing happened to me when I was taking up my doctoral studies. That was ten years ago.

    I was in school and it was mid-morning snack time. I did not have my breakfast except for a cup of coffee and so I wanted to go to the nearest restaurant to have a full breakfast. My car was used by a classmate of mine and so I had to borrow a friend’s motorcycle.

    In no time at all I was at the restaurant’s premises, parked my borrowed motorcycle in the parking area near a big car, ordered a full breakfast and gobbled everything in there. Not a bone was left for the restaurant owner’s pet dog or cat.

    I was full to the brim. Confident and satisfied with my mid-morning breakfast I hurriedly went out as the break between classes in the graduate school was only thirty minutes. I was already on top of my borrowed motorcycle but I was wondering why the ignition key would not get in. I had been trying and trying until the owner of the motorcycle with one big husky companion pulled over and said: “now, we got you; you were the one who had been carnapping motorcycles here the past few days; you should go with us to the police station..” I said, “No.. this is my motorcycle.. er, I borrowed this one!” Before I could say anything more his big husky companion frisked me away to a waiting police van.

    What a bad coincidence. The motorcycle which I mistook for my borrowed one was placed there as some kind of a bait to catch the serial motorcycle-nappers who had been victimizing a few motorcycle owners.

    At the police station I was being prepared for interrogation. (Get the full story in my blog http://maxim061156.wordpress.com/) .


    • Oh my gosh Maxim, that is horrible and yet funny. I am going to read the full article and I am sure that now that it is later in years, you can also enjoy a good laugh over this.
      The closest I ever got to getting in any issues was I actually was able to use my key to unlock a car door and sat down. Before I started the car I noticed the items in it were not mine. Here I was in the same kind and color and was amazed the key fit the door. I hurried and got out of there looking around for the real owner, but I got lucky


  2. Good one, Terry ….. Thanks for the big smile – we had a captain that went to the wrong vessel and in when he was going to change into the uniform – it didn’t fit …. and he started to ask questions about were his stuff had gone, the thing was the his vessel and the one he was on was identical. And he didn’t recognize his first officer neither.


    • I can just see this woman acting this way, can’t you? the story of the officer must have been so funny considering he was an officer and that stuff just didn’t happen. LOL


      • Yes, he was very confussed – the vessels was never in dock at the same time … I think he was one day too early.
        Never looked at the name of the vessel, just went to his cabin and nothing of his stuff was there. So funny.


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