I Can Never Say Thank-You Enough to My Friends

Even though I missed Al so much while he was at the Hospice house, it was truly a good thing. Ever since he has been home his tremors are very slow.

This has enabled him to eat and drink by himself. His chatter is constant and he smiles more. I think he has more pride in the fact he can do a few things for himself again.

Not being able to feed himself I notice this is most humiliating to him. He can cry easier at meals than any other time.

I wish, let’s say I am always wanting more. I wish that he could stand longer. He can not. In fact, I think he can stand less. The new medication has helped in the area of tremors and also in less sweating.

He sweats when he has to stand to be changed or transferred. His labored breathing is still heard when he has body activity. The side effects that I think are from the medication are more confusion. He is sleepy more often than not. He stutters quite a bit now, but at least, thank God his tremors have lessened.

All of you that have prayed over Al for so many months, God has been listening and has answered. I will not get my hopes super high.  I realize that medications only last so long before the body gets immune to them.  I will keep my hope at bay and within reason. Sort of like that game at the fair where you ring the bell with the big pallet. Oh, it is called test your strength. I have never played it. I don’t want to have some gadget tell me I am weaker than I think. Here is a video of the game being played I am talking about.

Have you ever seen hands tremoring so bad they can’t be used? Here is a tiny video of this happening. This is what Al’s hands were doing until this week.

So all I wish for now is the medication to last for a while before we have to start increases. I am afraid if there is an increase Al will end up being bed bound.

I trained someone this morning for the coming Wednesday. I want to attend a very important auction and I could not take him. I felt like a real teacher. This will be Al’s first time staying with a caregiver in his position he is in now. She is very nice. Al asked all sorts of questions. I could tell he was not as much interested in who she was about but if I was coming back.

So thank-you everyone for the constant prayers. I really appreciate them.

20 thoughts on “I Can Never Say Thank-You Enough to My Friends

  1. Glad the tremors are better. Terry do not expect too much, i do think the hospice is very good. Take it easier, and enjoy Al’s chat and smiles while it lasts. With love and prayers!


  2. Terry, I’m going to say the same as some of your other friends has said .. enjoy the time and take the day as it comes, Glad that the new medicine gives him more comfort and ease both your lives. Also take care of yourself … don’t take too much on .. I don’t know anyone that strong as you’re, but don’t go under yourself.


    • you won’t find this easy to believe, but I have given up the fast pace. I now nap or rest when he does. The house will always be here, he will not. love you my friend


      • Terry, you have to take care of yourself and a nap is a great way to do that. My mom always said that we can always leave things for tomorrow .. and if tomorrow doesn’t come .. we haven’t done it for nothing. *smile
        So keep a low pace.


  3. How fun for you to go to a big auction! I love auctions, so I am jealous, lol! It’s hard to tell, but having someone different taking care of Al once-in-awhile may be just the ticket — it’s a change of pace for him and a different person for him to talk to. And, to be honest, it does you good to have some time to do things you like and not have to worry if Al is being taken care of properly. Praise God for all of these triumphs, even if they are temporary — God usually takes care of the changes, too.


    • come with me!!!!! I wish you could. Auction season will end here with the last auction at Christmas. I will cherish the times now and not get my hopes up, for fear of being hurt again. hugs my dear friend


  4. you say that you are not going to get your hopes up too high and i couldn’t agree more. to tell yourself anything but the truth is only going to cause you greater pain. i hate that for you. the thing is hope changes. at this point i hope for a couple of hours to spend with family and friends. my hope is that i will not suffer needlessly and that is my hope for al. this has been such a miserable journey at times for you both but you have had each other and that is so much more than some have.

    sending warm hugs


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