Daily Prompt; Name that..You

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Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY.

My name is not a bad combination. Teresa Jane.  The name Teresa means in Spanish,” saint”. Or in English it means ” harvester.”saintharvester

But in my eyes it means nothing really. As I was called by my nick name since a very young girl, Terry.

When I hear my proper name being used, I think back to when I was in trouble with my Mom. Teresa Jane please come here.

That meant trouble. What did I do wrong this time?mother mad Today if I hear my proper name it has to be voiced from a stranger. Someone on the other end of the phone line, verifying who I am. Just like in the military. Name, serial number, age.drill-sergeant

My middle name is something I now am not so proud of. I used to be.

I  used to think I was special because I was named after a friend of my real mother.

But after making repeated visits to get to know this real woman, given the undeserved title of mother, I am no longer proud.

When I hear the word Jane today, I don’t even acknowledge. They must be talking to someone else. It must be a stranger calling out to me.danger

When I used to hear my Dad calling my name I went running.

For years he was my idol, my hero, my everything.hero

Once I started caring for my brother I saw the word hero being slowly erased from the blackboard.

Now the word love remains and the good memories that I shared with him while growing up.blackboard_math

So all in all my name is my own.

Created and formed from many angles.

Today, I prefer to be called Mom, friend, Aunt, or just me, Terry.dad and me

Below is a photo of me and my Dad.

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Name that..You

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  11. Yay TJ 🙂 Hmm .. I would say about the TV series TJ Hooker, but I think that would come out wrong 😆

    I have a middle name that I detest, so very few people know it 🙂 When someone asks me for my full name I will give them my first name and middle initial. I tell them I refuse to give my middle name, but they have it there. They usually let me off with that.


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